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I’m Running Sainsbury’s.

im-running-sainsburysBrand new series starts 9pm, Tuesday 2 June, Channel 4

With the onset of credit crunch Britain, customers have become more selective about where they do their shopping and how much they spend. As one of the UK’s retail giants, Sainsbury’s is facing one of the most competitive climates in living memory. Chief Executive, Justin King, has come up with a plan.

He believes that somewhere on the shop floor, among the shelf stackers, cleaners, trolley pushers and checkout workers, may lie the next big idea that will give the supermarket the edge. So he has decided to allow four shop floor workers the opportunity to try and roll their ideas out across the business, or take up a position of power where they can endeavour to make a difference. Cameras will follow every challenge, obstacle and success along the way. Will they be able to handle the responsibilities and stresses? Will their suggestions actually work?

How will the Sainsbury’s executive team handle taking directions from a shelf-stacker? And has Justin hit on an innovative new idea or is he unleashing chaos on his own company? I’m Running Sainsbury’s is a four part documentary series which starts on Tuesday 2 June at 9pm on Channel 4.

I’m Running Sainsbury’s is a Silver River production for Channel 4.

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