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February 25, 2015

Happy Birthday YouTube!.

A decade of virals in 16 minutes

Ever thought to yourself, man I wish I could watch all of YouTube’s most popular viral videos in chronological order?

Well the wait is over! A video paying homage to 10 years of YouTube has been posted, where else, but on YouTube!

With 101 clips ranging from the dramatic (in the form of an eye-balling chipmunk) to the thrilling (Philippines inmates channelling Michael Jackson anyone?), this 16 minute video has wrapped up and spliced together everything you’ll ever need to see from the last decade of web surfing.

Somewhat similar to that scene from the Matrix where Neo suddenly knows jujitsu, a few minutes with this video will leave you fully fluent in all things YouTube.

And what a phenomenon it’s been. Born in the aftermath of ‘that wardrobe malfunction’ during Janet Jackson’s Superbowl performance, YouTube now boasts over 1 billion users.

Its worldwide popularity shows no sign of slowing down – with 300 hours of video uploaded every minute and the number of hours people watch YouTube each month growing by 50% year on year.

Image / Video (c) YouTube


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