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March 8, 2010

Disney XD Fans Recreate Iconic Pop Sleeves.

LONDON, UK, Monday 8th February 2010; Disney XD fans have recreated three of the most iconic record sleeves in pop history to celebrate the launch of new series ‘I’m In The Band.’


The children aged between 10 and 12 years old got to dress up as rock stars for the recreation of the three covers – The Beatles’ ‘Abbey Road’ (1969), Blondie’s ‘Parallel Lines’ (1978) and Queen’s ‘Queen II’ (1974).


I’m In The Band, is a brand new 20-part music-filled television series that chronicles the adventures of Tripp Campbell (Logan Miller). Tripp achieves his dream when he joins his favourite ‘vintage’ rock band, Iron Weasel, and becomes determined to help the band he idolises make an epic comeback.


The show has been a huge hit in the US and screens on Disney XD UK on Saturdays at 10am.

Find out more about ‘I’m in the band’ at

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