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Derren Brown: Faith Healer.

Taylor Herring have been hired by Objective Productions and Channel 4 to promote a brand new Derren Brown special.

The 90 minute special from the incomparable psychological illusionist Derren Brown will see the star turns his attention to the controversial world of faith-healing.

In Derren Brown; Faith Healer he will lay bare the tricks and techniques employed by the American Bible belts’, self-proclaimed, faith-healers who boast the ability to perform wonders.

In one of the most audacious stunts he has ever attempted,  Derren finds a member of the public who he will train to be a faith healer, before going out to the American bible belt and seeing if he can manage to put on a genuine faith healing show and get away with it.

TX: Channel 4, DTBC. Follow Derren on Twitter and join his Facebook group

Taylor Herring have a profile track-record in Television PR – credits include The Inbetweeners, The Apprentice and Doctor Who.


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