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Daredevil Knievel announces death-defying London jump.

LONDON, Tuesday 15th December 2009: Robbie Knievel has announced plans to stage a record attempt to jump 16 double-decker buses and beat his father’s failed attempt in 1975. The jump will take place on 22nd May, London 2010.

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Following in his father’s famous tyre tracks, world-leading motorcycling daredevil Robbie Knievel is coming to London to stage a record attempt to jump an incredible 16 double-decker buses on a classic Harley Davidson XR-750.

The world’s foremost motorcycle thrill-seeker, now aged 47, will use the Harley Davidson XR- 750 – the same motorcycle model his father Evel Knievel used in his failed attempt at Wembley stadium in 1975.

On May 25th 1975, Robbie’s legendary father took to Wembley to jump over 13 buses and crashed in front of an audience of 90,000, breaking his pelvis, ending his thrilling career.

Robbie will attempt to clear a record-breaking 16 buses with a Harley-Davidson XR-750 – three more than Evel Knievel.

This death defying stunt, set to take place in London on 22nd May 2010, exactly 35 years after his father’s attempt, will place Robbie one step closer to completing all of his father’s daring attempts and silence the critics who have questioned Robbie’s use of the lighter CR-500 in the past.

The Honda high-performance motocross bike is designed for jumping and has been a preferred choice for Robbie in the majority of his stunts. His father Evel Knievel conversely made most of his record breaking jumps using a Harley, a massively heavier and less agile motorcycle. Robbie Knievel will now thrill us with the same model of Harley as he attempts the unthinkable for his London stunt.

Robbie has successfully completed over 350 professional jumps, including 20 world records, and completed every jump his father attempted with the exception of two stunts: the bus-jumping record set by Evel at Wembley Stadium in 1975 and the Snake River Canyon jump in 1974.

Robbie Knievel said, “Daredevils are a dying breed. I’m proud to have been raised by one and to be one myself. I’m looking forward to this and although my dad’s jump ended with broken bones and a lot of pain, I’m confident he’ll be smiling down on this one.”

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