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Burger King launches red cheeseburgers.

Word on the street… Burger King is selling bright red cheeseburgers in Japan!

The famous fast food chain will launch the Aka Burger (aka meaning red in Japanese) in stores on July 3rd.

Assuming you’re not put off by its fiery appearance, there are two florescent choices: the Aka Samurai Beef Burger and the Aka Samurai Chicken Burger. Both burgers’ buns are bright red, but not only that… so is the cheese.


The question is – how do the Aka burgers get their surprising shade? Tomato powder, apparently. The burgers will also have a spicy red hot sauce made from hot peppers and miso.

The Aka Burger is one shade crazier than the previous black burgers of Japan (made from squid ink).

Next move… blue French fries?

Image (c) Metro


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