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BBDO Russia Transforms Squashed Mosquitoes into Art Using the Blood.

BBDO Russia Group has been creating art from ‘post-bite’ mosquitoes that have been squashed, to promote Glorix mosquito repellent. The process involves firstly slapping a mosquito just after it has bitten and is therefore full of blood. An artist then paints a portrait using the ‘splatted’ blood. According to Agency Spy the finished micro art is called a “blood portrait.”


The inspiration behind the stunt? “When you think of mosquitoes you think of blood. When you think of blood you think of other people”, according to the Glorix video.

What’s more, the campaign’s purpose is two-fold. Promoting Glorix Mosquito Repellent is almost secondary to the main focus: urging people to donate blood since every drop taken by mosquitoes could potentially save lives.

Well it certainly seems to be working as the following video explains….80% of people volunteered to donate blood on the spot after viewing the micro exhibition!

Image (c) AdWeek


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