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“A ground-breaking through the line campaign that has set the benchmark against which future campaigns (marketing and PR) will be measured. This was one of the most successful and innovative Samsung campaigns of my long career. Simply outstanding.” Hadrian Baumann, President and CEO, Samsung

“An outstanding campaign that was strategic, highly creative and delivered against all of our business objectives.” Graeme Nash, Head of Customer & Marketing, Greggs

“Taylor Herring have helped showcase our family friendly credentials in the media while doing something of value for the hundreds of thousands of children flying with us over the summer, gaining praise not only from parents but also government ministers and the national literacy council. A brilliant campaign from that we are bringing back in 2018.” Anna Knowles Head of PR, easyJet

“Taylor Herring played a huge role in the success of our Rang Tan palm oil campaign. They are redefining the modern PR agency skillset – whilst creatively they continue to consistently outperform the competition.” Neil Hayes, Marketing Director, Iceland Foods

“I have found Taylor Herring smart, knowledgeable, energetic and determined in their pursuit of media coverage. I don't recommend many people but I would have no qualms in recommending them.” Lord Sugar

“Taylor Herring are unique in that they are able to leverage creativity and PR expertise whilst also considering marketing and experiential opportunities. We have worked with them on digital out of home campaigns and numerous brand initiatives - all of which go above and beyond traditional PR and marketing. As an agency, they consistently put forward and execute unique campaigns. ” - Kate Gandhi - Marketing Director, UKTV

"Working with Taylor Herring has been a revelation for us. As our lead agency, they have been shaping marketing and communications campaigns from the top down and this expertise has helped us to achieve phenomenal results over the last five months . The agency's creative and executional firepower is second to none and they bring a refreshing ‘platform neutral’ approach to ideas which we have now adopted internally. Devising and executing campaigns that work for media, social media and even internal comms. In our experience Taylor Herring are redefining and rewriting the rule book of what it means to be a modern communications agency." Jo Segessser, Senior Brand Manager, Diageo

"Taylor Herring delivered an outstanding campaign for us - it was strategic and aggressive. I would have no hesitation in working with them again" David Joseph, CEO, Universal Music

"Bringing Taylor Herring on board has had a dramatic impact, both in terms of the coverage generated and the expertise and advise that they can offer. They helped to deliver a record breaking year in terms of delegate numbers, sponsorship and star power.” Amy Brown, Head Of Events, Google (EMEA)

"They infuse their projects with professionalism and commitment and are able to apply great dexterity to resolve publicity, marketing and client issues. They always manage to cut through the red tape to achieve objectives and win allies.” Sally Osman - former Communications Secretary, Buckingham Palace

"It's been brilliant. A picture is worth far more than a thousand words in today's media currency. Well done TH team and thanks very much for all your work on this - it's much appreciated" Max Tucker, Press Officer - Global Campaigns, Thematic Issues and UN, Amnesty International

“I was hugely impressed by Taylor Herring’s campaign…it delivered consistent media coverage in a highly competitive market” Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber

“Taylor Herring are one of the best PR agencies I have ever worked with. I’d have no hesitation in recommending them“ Robbie Williams

“I just wanted to thank you and the team for an amazing result - I think you got the best result we could possibly hope for. And coverage still coming in I'm glad to see!” Siobhan Kenny, VP Communications, Walt Disney EMEA

"I don't know how Taylor Herring do it, I suspect secret satanic rituals, but I don't care because they are brilliant.” Daisy Goodwin, Head Girl, Silver River

“We’ve been fantastically lucky to be able to rely on your support and assistance, and we’re hugely grateful for your generosity with your time and expertise. Thank you very much! Nicholas Hytner, Director, National Theatre

“What an amazing job, you guys pulled off a totally spectacular evening. I've literally been inundated with people telling me that it was the best launch event they've ever been to! I'm so impressed and appreciative of all your hard work and dedication - you've all contributed so much in making us a success.” Judy Wells, PR Manager, Virgin Media

"We have seen national sales of KitKat literally double overnight as people up and down the country hunt out the remaining tickets, and with dozens still to be found who can say how much further sales will increase by over the coming week.” Mark Simester, Marketing Manager, KitKat

“The big lesson that I've learned is that perception is everything. It doesn't matter how good your product is, there are plenty of detractors out there who are willing to pan it without even experiencing it. The only way to win through this is strong PR - and the PR business hasn't got anyone stronger than Taylor Herring. They were tireless on my behalf, and are a big part of our success story. I guess we'll have to permanently retain them because I wouldn't ever want them to pop up as an adversary.” Amanda Ross, Managing Director, Cactus Television

“We want to congratulate Taylor Herring on a fantastic campaign. We are really pleased with the press coverage that we received through the campaign, which was a result of the great ideas that came from the agency for launch and Guinness World Records Day. The effects were clearly shown clearly in the sales figures.” Kate White, Brand Manager, Guinness World Records

“Thank you for your tireless effort and commitment. The UFC is so well represented and I owe it all to you!” Marshall Zelaznik, Ultimate Fighting Championship

“Just wanted to say what a spectacular job I think you're doing. It's got to be one of the best publicity campaigns I've ever seen for a book.” Eugenie Furniss, James Grant Management

“Taylor Herring are continually exploring new ideas. Their attitude, intelligence and passion are focused on delivery. They won't let you fall into lazy thinking - though they are very nice in explining why your idea won’t work.” Kathryn Jacob, Marketing Director, Virgin Radio

“We have really enjoyed working with all of you and were thrilled with the whopping response to this year’s campaign.” Kristina Kyriacou, PR Manager, Comic Relief

“In terms of coming up with original feature ideas - there is no other PR agency in the business that has the originality, wit and gravitas of Taylor Herring” Derek Brown, Features Editor, The Sun

“Thank you Taylor Herring. You did any amazing job for us” Russell T Davies, Executive Producer, Doctor Who, BBC

“V v v v good press launch - best I’ve ever seen..and I’ve been to a few!” Elisabeth Murdoch  

“A huge thank you to you and the team for the fantastic coverage....I just hope we live up to the faith you have in us.” Gillian Brierley, Head of Communications, Glyndebourne Opera

“Your team were great fun to work with - full of enthusiasm, ideas and dedication. I really couldn't be happier with the sheer hard work they've put in and the results! In short, your team played a blinder, and we're delighted.” Eleanor Parker, Head Of Press, MTV

“Thank you all at Taylor Herring for a sensational launch.” Claudia Rosencrantz, Controller, Sky Living

“A huge thank you to you Taylor Herring for a great year!” Catherine Tate

“Yesterday’s launch was a triumph, extremely well organised & executed - I know how much work goes into making these things look effortless so congratulations to you and your team.” Vicky Thomas, Head of Press, BBC Worldwide

“I wanted to say a big thank you for all your and your teams’ hard work yesterday, particularly in managing our pap run and getting all the fabulous coverage today. We've had fantastic editorial references, great pic positioning and in areas of media we normally wouldn’t get access to. Overall the pre-event and event coverage for this year’s awards has been unprecedented and should be a great platform for going forward with next years Loaded LAFTAS. Darryl Butcher, Head of PR, IPC Ignite

“Thank you so much for all your hard work. Everyone agrees that the press has been phenomenal this year. I know how much work a show like this entails and totally appreciate the all the early mornings, late nights and relentless phone calls. Feed back from the press on your service has also been unanimously positive.” Sarah Booth, Head Of Communications, Talkback Thames

"The agency has done a complicated job exceptionally well, they have been fun and intelligent communicators and thoroughly enjoyable to work with.” Charlie Gardner, Head Of Corporate And Public Relations, Endemol UK PLC

“The coverage gained for the 25th Anniversary of Viz Comic by Taylor Herring has been over whelming, the commitment and passion that the team showed ensured exceptional results and projected the profile of the comic back to its rightful status. Taylor Herring delivered far more than a conventional PR plan, including securing two sponsors. A superb job.” Margherita Douglas, PR Manager, Dennis Publishing

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