The Insider by Piers Morgan

Book PR

Following the huge success of our campaign for ‘Feel - Robbie Williams’ by Chris Heath - Ebury Press hired Taylor Herring PR to promote ‘The Insider by Piers Morgan’. A coordinated campaign on TV, radio and press delivered another No.1 best-seller.

‘The Insider’ dominated the media on publication and instantly became No.1 in The Sunday Times chart. Not only did it fill thousands of column inches with its revelations about prominent political and showbiz figures, it was critically acclaimed across the broadsheets for its unique and fascinating insight into the world of celebrity, royalty, politics and the media.

Piers Morgan, former editor of the News of the World and Daily Mirror, is no stranger to gossip and scandals. Morgan’s diaries record his relationship with the rich and powerful: Diana, Charles and Camilla, James Hewitt, Tony and Cherie Blair, Gordon Brown, Jordan, George Michael, Elton John, Rupert Murdoch and Gazza merely begin the list.

The Insider will be noted for exposing for the first time the realities of New Labour’s relationship with the media. Entertaining, engaging and compulsive, The Insider is a delicious guilty pleasure - exposing the truth behind some of the biggest names in Britain.