The Catherine Tate Show

Series PR


Taylor Herring have looked after The Catherine Tate Show since its debut in 2004.

The agency have handled the personal PR for the show’s star Catherine Tate, built the profile of individual characters and represented the award-winning show to the national media.

The agency have helped dramatically rise both Catherine’s and the show’s profile working to make her, and her array of characters instantly recognisable within the media.

Matching the PR success of the first series – especially in the fickle world of TV comedy was a daunting challenge. But the second series of The Catherine Tate Show continued the upward trajectory of its predecessor.

Since the outset of our campaign we have generated 257 national and 1,010 regional print press articles and 56 national TV and Radio interviews

Airing on BBC TWO and forming a key part of the channel’s big comedy push, it trebled the ratings of programmes that ran in the same time slot previously.

The Catherine Tate Show achieved over 4.6 million viewers and beat off strong opposition from Ricky Gervais’s BBC TWO show ‘Extras’ which was scheduled on the same night.

Perhaps the biggest indicator of the show’s popularity is the way in which character’s catchphrases are repeated in playgrounds, offices and pubs up and down the country. Lauren’s “Am I Bovvered” and Nan’s “What a f***ing liberty” are now heard universally.

Taylor Herring also promoted her 2005 Christmas Special which featured Charlotte Church and Chas n Dave in cameo roles.