Space Hopping Record Smashed

brand re-launch event for UKTV's Gold


To amplify UKTV Gold’s relaunch, which featured space hopping idents, the agency were asked to come up with a creative PR story with national appeal. The activity had to be bold and ambitious, and create a big news splash.

The Idea

We came up with a number of creative solutions tied to the re-launch and settled on an engaging mass participation ‘Space Hop’ event that would attract and deliver mass media coverage.


Taylor Herring researched possible venues for the attempt and decided on the Millennium Bridge in London.  We chose this venue because of the iconic London backdrop of St Paul’s as well as the bridge’s reputation as ‘the wobbly bridge’, which gave us a newsy hook for the story.

We worked with City of London to get permission for the attempt to go ahead on the bridge, getting a structural survey done and answering their health and safety questions.  Taylor Herring also managed logistics of storing, transporting and inflating the hoppers on the day.

UKTV ordered 650 branded gold space hoppers - 600 of which would be given to participants taking part in the event, with 50 available for competition prizes and to be given to radio DJs to encourage them to plug the event on their shows.

This resulted in a space hopper giveaway on and plugs for the event on BBC Radio 2, Heart, LBC and XFM.

Taylor Herring’s online sister company Force Ten ensured that there was a bespoke online PR campaign to drive participants, creating a Myspace page for the event, as well as securing pre event coverage of the attempt on Facebook, Gumtree and My Kinda Place.

Taylor Herring also oversaw the production and distribution of 1,000 leaflets about the event in London parks on the two weekends prior to the record attempt to recruit participants.

We invited journalists and photographers to attend the event and provided them with a press release and picture caption to ensure that all pictures were credited to UKTV Gold.

On the day of the event Taylor Herring staff, sporting branded ‘Space Hopper Crew’ t-shirts, signed in all of the participants and issued them with their very own space hopper.  The Taylor Herring team then marshalled the participants onto the bridge and ensured that they hopped simultaneously and continuously for a full minute.

Over 700 people turned up to take part in the event – so we successfully broke the world record!


Coverage achieved included:

  • The Guardian, Daily Express, Daily Star, Daily Record, Metro, London Lite, the London Paper and Evening Standard
  • London Tonight, London Today, BBC Radio 2 – Wake Up With Wogan and The Jonathan Ross Show, LBC news, Heart FM breakfast show and XFM Drive-time with Paul Tomkinson.
  •, MySpace, Facebook, Gumtree, Guiness World Records online, My Kinda Place and Popbitch
  • Over 20 websites including Youtube, yahoo, tiscali and BBC online