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For 5 years, from 2003, we promoted the Richard & Judy talk show on Channel 4.

We worked on all elements of the show - from the phenomenally successful Book Club to the day-to-day promotion of interviews with presidents, prime ministers and the Hollywood A-List.

Programme Publicity

Taylor Herring works closely with the production company, Cactus TV, on a day to day basis to develop long term messages by promoting the show’s content.

We highlighted guest appearances, particularly those that are exclusive, creating excitement and providing on-going news hooks.

Special guests  included Tony and Cherie Blair, Bill and Hilary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Charlize Theron, Tom Hanks, Ben Affleck, Halle Berry, Susan Sarandon, Jennifer Lopez, Leonardo di Caprio, Cameron Diaz, Kevin Bacon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Liz Hurley and Bob Hoskins.

Taylor Herring has also generated substantial coverage around high profile news exclusives including the first live TV interviews with Rebecca Loos, John Leslie and Paul Burrell. Professor Steven Hawking’s gave his first ever UK TV interview to the show.

We also created a giant crop circle, featuring the couple to launch the summer season.

Brand Strand Development

Taylor Herring have managed and maintained the profile and positioning of the programme’s brand strands including;

The Richard & Judy Book Club - This regular strand has become a publishing phenomenon in delivering overnight success for featured titles - which has now been dubbed ‘the Richard & Judy effect’. Their Book Club created the top two best selling paperbacks of 2004, Lovely Bones (which has sold 1 million copies) and Star of the Sea by Joseph O’Connor, which saw a 350% sales increase and is the best selling book of 2004 to date. Cloud Atlas (2004 title), which was written by David Mitchell, went on to win ‘Richard & Judy’s Best Read’ at 2005’s British Book Awards. Just one week on it had sold 26,000 copies. The strand has also caught the eye of a whole host of big names, including Richard E Grant, Sir Trevor McDonald, Nigella Lawson and Sir Bob Geldof, who all appeared on the previous series as guest reviewers. According to figures in a survey conducted by BML (a book specialist research agency), Richard & Judy’s Book Club has turned us into a nation of bookworms, with 1.4 million viewers stating that they were now reading books that they wouldn’t have done otherwise.

Richard & Judy’s Wine Club, aimed to debunk wine snobbery and ensure everyone gets more enjoyment out of wine. Viewers wereinvited to raise a glass and ‘taste-along’ at home. To launch 2005’s six-week programme strand we staged a National wine tasting press event at Channel 4 with journalists across Arts & Media, TV, Showbiz, News and Entertainment. A six-page cover feature was also secured with Observer Food Monthly. To date - over 150,000 viewers have purchased a case of Richard & Judy wine.

Nigel Slater from Observer Food Monthly said: “Richard & Judy are doing for wine what they have already done for books – opening a difficult TV subject up to millions of viewers.”

Viewing figures for Richard and Judy’s teatime show steadily increased building to 3 million viewers.

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The client said...

The big lesson that I've learned since getting the Richard & Judy commission is that perception is everything. It doesn't matter how good your product is, there are plenty of detractors out there who are willing to pan it without even experiencing it. The only way to win through this is strong PR - and the PR business hasn't got anyone stronger than Taylor Herring. They were tireless on my behalf, and are a big part of our success story. I guess we'll have to permanently retain them because I wouldn't ever want them to pop up as an adversary!Amanda Ross, Executive Producer, Richard & Judy