Engaging with cultural influencers for Red Stripe

through content, events, art and music


Red Stripe, the Jamaican lager beer brand, brought Taylor Herring on board at the end of 2011.

We run an advocacy and influencer programme, creating content, deliver partnerships and managing social media.

Our campaigns have involved collaborations with a wide variety of cutting edge artists and events - they've delivered millions of video views, acres of press coverage and engaged hundreds of thousands of people at live events.

Sponsorship and Event Activation

Branded Content

An ordinary looking East London corner shop was hacked to play a familiar tune whenever anyone picked up a Red Stripe, much to people's surprise.


We have a long-running relationship with the underground music promoter - staging club nights and live streamed events utilising unexpected collaborations.

In July 2013 we worked with innovative projector movement BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) for Make Session 009. Whilst sounds of world renowned artists DJ Drama, Giggs and Mark Ronson went off, 15 artists created a patchwork of visual projections in the East London basement. This was the first time Boiler Room featured a visual collaboration to this scale.

In the same year we teamed up with NTS for the Notting Hill Carnival to deliver a unique soundsytem and after party.

Creative Collaborations

We set Caribbean street drummer Jo Bucket the challenge of recreating The Clash track Rock the Casbah by sampling, blending and remixing the sounds of Brixton Market. This video celebrates the lager beer going back to its Jamaican roots with the launch of the stubby bottle in the UK and features a cameo from The Clash's Mick Jones.

Experiential Events

A 40ft arcade game was created on the side of Manchester Town Hall. 

British artist Filthy Luker created the art using road barriers and equipment. The installation came to life with LED lights  when a button was pushed in the Square, allowing the public to engage on a large scale

Four, unique customised, interactive vans would tour UK cities as a four-wheeled mobile art exhibition. The vans were customised by Rose Stallard, Sandrine, Sweza and D. Billy .

The vans each had a unique feature that the public could engage with, including an MP3 player dock with speakers , CCTV camera which played the pictures filmed onto screens on the side of the van and a space to design your own van.

Stunning stop-motion animation video would be created in Edinburgh by Spaceboy and animation studios Blac Ionica.


 Spaceboy, helped by his graphic students from Edinburgh College of Art, painstakingly created a series of images on shutters in Edinburgh’s Newhaven Harbour, capturing and recording each one before heading into the studio for the edit.