Top Of The Shops

Red Stripe hack a cornershop


As part of our ongoing work for Red Stripe lager - Taylor Herring were tasked with promoting their most ambitious project to date, a video entitled “Make Music at the Corner Shop.”

A shop in Dalston would be hacked to play a familiar tune whenever anyone picked up a Red Stripe.


The store was radically transformed overnight from a typical neighbourhood establishment selling everyday goods - to an all-singing, all-dancing music machine - which brought a little slice of Jamaica to the UK for one day only.

Products on the shelves and items left scattered around the store became instruments – ranging from trumpets made out of glass bottles to a xylophone constructed from food cans, by way of jumping boxes and brooms and dustpans with lives of their own.

10 hidden cameras, 750 metres of cable and 12 metres of LED lights were used to create and record the experience as the smaller component parts combined to create on big musical experience, much to the amusement of customers who dropped in to pick up their daily essentials.


We placed the video and behind the scenes pieces on sites including Shortlist, Notion, Time Out and The Huffington Post, and managed the video’s social media traffic, which saw an incredible amount of Twitter activity within hours of the video going live.

The main video got over 132,000 views – a combination of organic, PR-driven and advertorial-driven views – in the first week. 

The total is now over 700,000 views, making it one of Diageo’s most successful virals ever.