Taylor Herring unplug with Innocent

a festival off the grid

Sometimes the stream of emails, whatsapp messages and Facebook notifications can get on top of you.

Life’s a bit too connected these days.

......enter Innocent Unplugged.


Now in its second year, this ‘weekend off the grid’ promises the opportunity to switch-off from technology and embrace real life experiences including dancing to brilliant bands, hearing inspiring speakers and eating delicious food (all accompanied by the odd smoothie or two of course), all whilst forgetting about Facebook and turning off twitter.

No Wi-Fi, no texts, no traditional electricity. Just a load of people camping in a forest clearing with great music, real conversations and lungfuls of fresh air.

Set in a beautiful (secret) forest location just outside of London, innocent unplugged is literally that - there’s no WiFi, 4G, or traditional electricity.  

Foraged food is cooked over open flames, the sound system is powered by people dancing on energy mats, as well as extra kinetic electricity being generated by stationary pedal bikes which festival-goers are encouraged to hop on and ride.

Last year saw 1,500 people head into the woods to switch off and unplug to enjoy great music, brilliant talks and a deliciously posh afternoon tea.

Campaign Overview

For the second year innocent decamped to Kent to host their festival, ‘innocent un-plugged’, Taylor Herring was engaged to run the overall event press office as well as creatively creating buzz around the concept. 

Being a relatively new player on the festival scene, we focussed on securing highlights for ‘innocent un-plugged’ in some of the biggest media festival round-ups in both print and online outlets alongside well-established events. 

Highlights include The Sunday Times leading with details about ‘innocent un-plugged’ in a feature on wellness festivals, featuring in Sunday Times Culture’s ‘summer’s top 40’ festivals, as well as two separate events listings in Stylist magazine.

In the run up to the festival, we created a news story that linked to innocent unplugged’s aim to enable guests to enjoy a weekend ‘off the grid’ by switching off their tech and embracing real-life experiences.  We commissioned a survey about the nation’s top ‘tech peeves’, leading with the results that the average Brit spends over 20 weeks in front of a screen in a single year and over half of us wish we could ‘disconnect’ from technology more.  

We also engaged wellbeing guru and festival speaker Georgina Jones as a spokesperson available to discuss the survey results, as a means of furthering the press coverage. 

Overall, we secured over 50 pieces of coverage for the story across print, online, TV and radio outlets across key media which showed innocent leading the conversation about the importance about taking a break from technology every so often.

Ahead of the event, we also maximised the interview opportunities that were available with speakers and musicians that were part of the weekend line-up.  Liaising with their agents and management, we secured interviews with outlets including Shortlist, Metro.co.uk, NME, Daily Express, Closer and Gigwise, all of which further promoted the innocent unplugged message.

Finally, we ran the on-site press office during the event, including accreditation for journalists and bloggers who were challenged to ‘unplug’ for 48 hours, press photography of the site and on-site press interviews with a number of speakers and artists in the line-up – with fantastic post-event reviews secured on a number of high-traffic lifestyle blogs.

Working across creative news generation, event listings, speaker and artist interviews and on-site press, we secured over 200 pieces of coverage for innocent and the festival in total.