Live Halloween Ghost Hunt

Campaign Delivers 2.5 Million Twitter impressions


Lifestyle TV channel Really asked Taylor Herring to build online buzz and fame for the brand around paranormal programming.

The client wanted to lead the Twitter conversation around Halloween in the UK – to engage both existing and new audiences.

The digital campaign would need to drive traffic to the Really website.


What if on the most paranormal day of the year, we could possibly give people the chance to see something really spooky…?

 We decided to stage a live stream from one of the most haunted houses in the UK…via


 The first step was to secure the location, and after researching houses up and down the country, we secured The Old Rectory at Cheam.

With several resident ghosts it seemed to provide a good opportunity for some paranormal goings-on.

The property included a cellar haunted by prisoners, a laundry annexe occupied by a maid who had hanged herself in there and a living room which was reputedly frequented by Roman soldiers.

 We engaged a production company with expertise in web streaming and rigged the rooms with infrared cameras.

We then secured the services of famed ghost-hunter Yvette Fielding to host the live stream.

Yvette would be on hand to interact with viewers via the hashtag #GhostsOnReally – they could ask her questions and direct which room she should investigate.

A few days before Halloween we began promoting the activity with an announcement which was picked up on dozens of influential sites.

 We also set up interviews with Yvette with some of the bigger online outlets including The Sun, MSN and Virgin Media.

On the day of the activity itself, we gave the live stream and key show 'Paranormal Witness' a push through the release of a news story pinpointing the most haunted places across the UK.

The story went far and wide from ITV News to STV, Huffington Post and The Scotsman. 

 On the night, we had a team in place from early afternoon setting up, before going live at 8pm.

We had prepared a script for Yvette’s live introduction and links and full research notes.


Within the first 10 minutes the huge demand for the live stream crashed Really’s website.

This was quickly resolved and within a short while, Twitter was lit up by the #GhostsOnReally hashtag.

The tag trended all evening and was the number one trending topic on three separate occasions. #AskYvette also trended on the night.

As Yvette and her team guided viewers through the house, the level of engagement from viewers was huge, with comments on what they’d seen, questions for Yvette and requests for rooms to visit flooding in.

Whilst there were no ghosts to be seen, a wonky lamp provided yet another trending topic and spawned two tribute accounts.

The Really website had more traffic in 4 hours than it usually gets in a week, quickly smashing through the 100,000 page views barrier with the live stream getting over 35,000 of those. 

Half the visitors were first-time visitors to the Really site.

The hashtag #ghostsonreally reached 4.5 million people worldwide with 2.5 million impressions coming from the UK.

The campaign added hundreds of new followers to the @ReallyTVChannel account.