Evolution of Man

How we brought Bravo's coming of age to life.


Taylor Herring were asked by leading men's entertainment channel Bravo to celebrate their 21st anniversary with an eye-catching and original research story that encapsulated the channel's growth and coming of age.

  • To create an engaging news story designed to appeal to key press targets across print and broadcast media
  • To generate talk-ability across a wide range of media.
  • To communicate the key message that Bravo, celebrating its milestone 21st birthday, is, like man, in a constant state of evolution. 

The Idea

Bravo, in conjunction with evolution expert Dr Oliver Curry of the London School of Economics, embarked upon a research story that predicted what man will look like in 1000, 10,000 and 100,000 years time.


Dr Curry presented Bravo with his findings on what man might be expected to look like in future years of evolution. Issues taken into considerations included the change in facial features, height and skin tone.

A detailed and engaging press release announcing the key findings - including the fact that in the year 3000, man would be six and half foot tall with coffee-coloured skin was prepared and sold in aggressively to the national press.

An illustration of what man would look like over the next 1000, 10,000 and 100,000 years, in the style of Darwin's famous -'From Monkey to Man' image, was also created and sold in alongside the news story as captivating picture capital.

Dr Oliver Curry was also made available to interview for broadcast media.


The story led the day's news agenda on its release.

News stories appeared in The Guardian, The Times, Daily Telegraph, Daily Record, Daily Express, The Sun, Daily Star, Daily Mail, Metro and Evening Standard.

Dr Curry completed a full day of radio interviews including The Today Programme on BBC Radio 4, Radio Five Live as well as live ten-minute appearance on Sky News.

The story had a huge worldwide online pick up and even featured in Have I Got News For You!

It was also chosen as PR Week's 'Hit' of the week.