The Christmas Party Escape Kit

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Overview is not about the comfy mattress, the chocolate on the pillows, or the convenient trouser press, it’s about making sure nothing stands between you and your great night out, whatever that may be.

The online booking firm's TV campaign shows people getting very excited for their big night out and positions in that moment.

The client wanted to a fun campaign to join the conversation around the Christmas Party season.


Research found that “Mad Friday”,  (Dec 18), would be the busiest night in the UK for Christmas knees-ups - and provided the perfect occassion.

We also discovered that 72% of Brits are too polite to leave a terrible Christmas party.


The festive project lead to the creation of the ‘Christmas Party Escape Suit’, which was been specifically designed to help people escape boring parties unnoticed.

Our fully decorated, 6ft wearable Christmas tree with battery operated lights became the star of a video and a photoshoot.

It is designed to turn an account manager in a grey two-piece suit into a splendid Nordic fir, capable of slipping from any tedious work-related festivity unnoticed.

We created a promotional video and distributed it to video editors.


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