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LONDON, Tuesday 3rd May 2011: BBC ONE’s multi award-winning and critically acclaimed business entertainment series The Apprentice returns for a seventh series on Tuesday 10th May, as a new line-up of corporate contenders face Lord Sugar in the battle for boardroom supremacy. Episode two of the hotly anticipated new series will be shown on Wednesday 11th May.

From all corners of the country, Britain’s entrepreneurial elite have come to London to face the biggest challenge of their careers – embarking on a business battle over 12 tough tasks with multi-millionaire tycoon, Lord Sugar. Selected for their entrepreneurial flair and burning passion for business – Lord Sugar has spotted something in all of them but only one can succeed in proving they have the commercial acumen and business skill to be worthy of entering into a partnership with him as winner of The Apprentice 2011.

Injecting a new spin into the life-changing opportunity, this year’s successful Apprentice will no longer win a six figured salary job working in one of Lord Sugar’s businesses.  Instead the winner and their business idea will found the basis of a partnership with Lord Sugar, with an investment to the value of £250,000.

In the present period of financial recovery this year’s candidates face a series of gruelling tasks, and this year the bar has been raised as each task is based on a start up business, designed to push their skills to the limit. They are risking it all by leaving what they know behind and venturing into unfamiliar territory as they fight to launch their plan with his business backing and unequivocal guidance.

Failure is not an option and mistakes will not be forgiven as Lord Sugar wastes no time in telling his potential business partners how the hunt for a new partnership will work:

“I’m going to inject £250,000 worth of cash and value into a business, your business, and you’re going to run it. And I say you’re going to run it because don’t expect me to be doing all the work because I’m not looking for a “sleeping” partner. I’m not Saint Alan, the patron saint of bloody losers… You can look at it as a bit of an uncivil partnership, so to speak. I want you to treat this first task as if it’s your own business. Here’s something to note, this is an investment, and I want some return on my money.”

With the stakes set higher than ever, Lord Sugar and his eagle eyed advisors Nick Hewer and Karren Brady will each week be watching how the candidates perform in 12 challenging tasks.

The candidates’ CVs reveal: an inventor, a business psychologist, a former cycling champion, an estate agent, an accountant and entrepreneurs in fields as varied as creative arts, organic skincare and fast food.

Although the candidates will live in a lavish mansion and be given a taste of the high-flying life they dream of, the weeks ahead will be anything but glamorous as they roll up their tailored sleeves and embark upon weeks of hard graft with only one of them emerging triumphant.  Rivalry is intense as the 16 challengers vie for the chance to go into business with one of the world’s most renowned business moguls.

Episode one follows the candidates as they are split into two teams, each team being tasked to invest £250 in fresh fruit and vegetables in a battle to make the highest return. The candidates must buy the produce, add value to it and sell it to the public under the strict scrutiny of Nick and Karren. The decision of how to spend their money is theirs but only one factor will be considered in the first boardroom showdown – who has made the biggest return on Lord Sugar’s investment?

Series seven will see personalities clash and tempers soar as the cut-throat competition gets tougher with every task. With each task based on a business start-up, the potential apprentices will design a mobile phone application, be tested in the beauty industry, create new pet food, launch a magazine, explore the lucrative possibilities of biscuits, transform rubbish into money, start a restaurant chain and trade internationally.

For these elite professionals it is make or break time in the most daunting challenges they will ever face. With gripping boardroom showdowns and determined candidates, this series promises to be the most intense and unpredictable yet.

The money is on the table and the boss is in the boardroom but who will win to become this year’s Apprentice?

Ultimate fan show, The Apprentice: You’re Fired! will also be making a welcome return to BBC Two immediately after the main show with host Dara O Briain in the chair. Each week the fired candidate is interrogated by business experts, celebrity fans of the show and a studio audience of viewers.

The BBC Apprentice website – – will feature clips from each episode and exclusive footage of each of the 16 candidates, filmed during the selection process. Viewers will be able to catch up with events surrounding the show in the official blog, a daily source of information for all things Apprentice, featuring the best of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

The Apprentice is a talkbackTHAMES production for BBC ONE. Michele Kurland is Executive Producer, Mark Saben is Series Editor. Jo Wallace is the Executive Editor for the BBC.

The Apprentice will air on BBC One, BBC HD, the BBC’s high definition channel and BBC One HD and will be repeated on BBC Three.


Edna Agbarha

Age: 36 Occupation: Business Psychologist Lives: London

One of ten siblings, London born Edna rose from working life as a teenager on her uncle’s Covent Garden market stall to her first position as a Business Psychologist and coach. Edna holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology, two Masters degrees and enjoys cycling in her free time.

She says:Weak people in business are a waste of space and a limp handshake is unforgiveable.”





Ellie Reed

Age: 33 Occupation: Managing Director – Construction Recruitment Lives: Yorkshire

The Bradford born entrepreneur started her working life with a paper round and eventually went on to start a new business during a recession, playing a crucial role in helping the company become one of the most successful in its market. Golf lover Ellie describes herself as ‘positive, fun and driven’ and once chased a burglar out of her house at 17.

She says: “I don’t like lazy people… dole dossers that don’t want to work. I don’t like posh kids who have everything on a plate.”





Felicity Jackson

Age: 23 Occupation: Entrepreneur Creative Arts Lives: London

Felicity worked at a hairdressers as a teenager before going into children’s entertainment and eventually setting up her own company specialising in career development for actors. An avid fan of soaps and a trained actress, Felicity compares herself to Kanya King and is inspired by the T-Mobile brand.

She says: “Lord Sugar will probably find it difficult to ever say anything negative to me because I always turn it round to a positive.”





Helen Louise Milligan

Age: 30 Occupation: Executive Assistant to CEO Lives: Northumberland

Stockport born Helen describes herself as ‘calm, loyal and tenacious’ and enjoys reading in her free time. A keen swimmer, she studied Law at University and climbed the ranks from part time work as a waitress to managing a restaurant before landing her role as Executive Assistant to the CEO of Greggs bakery.

She says: “I see my job as my complete life. I work 24/7. There isn’t a cut off.”






Melody Hossaini

Age: 26 Occupation: Founder & Director – Global Youth Consultancy Business Lives: Midlands

Born in Iran, Melody lived in four different countries before settling in the UK. Melody who speaks five languages, set up a renowned UK youth organisation at the age of 13 and has won the ‘Woman of the Future’ award for her voluntary work. Global Youth Sector Entrepreneur Melody has previously worked with 12 Nobel peace prize winners including Desmond Tutu, Dalai Lama, Sherin Ebadi and was trained on climate change by Al Gore.

She says: “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon.”





Natasha Scribbins

Age: 31 Occupation: Divisional Manager – Recruitment Lives: London

German born Natasha achieved only five GCSEs but went on to graduate from University with a Bachelors Degree in International Hospitality Management. Happy to get her hands dirty Natasha worked cleaning the bakeries of a major retail chain at the age of 15 before venturing into business. An avid fitness fanatic, Natasha is inspired by the Nike brand for their representation of women in sport.

She says:”I’m like a really fine tuned switch. If I need to turn it down then I turn it down. If I need to turn it up then I turn it up.”





Susan Ma

Age: 21 Occupation: Natural Skincare Entrepreneur Lives: Croydon

Born in Shanghai, adrenaline junkie Susan moved to Australia at the age of six before eventually settling in London aged 13. With her mum having no grasp of English, Susan succeeded in getting herself into a school despite her young age and went on to study Philosophy and Economics at University. She describes herself as ‘ambitious, optimistic and easy going’. Her first ever job was working on a market stall selling skin care products which she has now turned into a lucrative business.

She says: “I’m short, sweet and smiley but when I do business I mean business.”




Zoe Beresford

Age: 26 Occupation: Project Manager – Drinks Manufacturer Lives: Cheshire

Born in Stoke on Trent, Zoe joined her family firm straight from university and played an integral role in the company’s development working in sales and marketing. Zoe, who bought a house with her sister at the age of just 12, describes her attitude as notwhy’ but ‘why not’. Zoe was awarded the ‘Rolls-Royce Manufacturing Technology Prize’ for the highest dissertation mark in the school of engineering.

She says: “I will do whatever it takes to win.”





Alex Britez Cabral

Age: 28 Occupation: Estate Agent Manager Lives: London

Motorbike enthusiast Alex who lived in Paris as a child, describes himself as ‘ambitious, driven, and extremely focused’. Born and raised in London, Alex’s first job was making tea in a small estate agents before becoming a thriving agent himself. His greatest achievement is taking a business losing money and turning it around to a fast growing profitable business within twelve months.

He Says: “Fear is a great motivator. If you are successful, you are unpopular, so unpopularity is a good thing.”





Edward Hunter

Age: 25 Occupation: Accountant Lives: Reading

Half-British and half-Afghan, Reading born and raised Edward’s first job was as a gardener at the age of 12. He successfully applied for a role in a global professional services firm headquartered in London straight after university and was hired as Senior Associate in the audit team before becoming an accountant at a FTSE 30 energy company. Trained at one of the world’s leading accountancy firms, Edward describes himself as a ‘man with strength of character and conviction who is honest and direct’.

He Says: “I’m the wheeler dealer who accidentally became a finance professional and wants out.”




Gavin Winstanley

Age: 27 Occupation: Managing Director – opticians Lives: Liverpool

Gavin’s first foray into working life was as a salesman at a high street clothing store and was made a manager at the age of 16. A passionate football fan, Gavin started up his own online opticians, which now has two high-street stores, after noticing the profit margins on glasses when working in a London department store.

He Says: “I want to be a big name in UK business…..I’m everything. I’m all mouth. I’m a doer. I’m a leader.”





Glenn Ward

Age: 28 Occupation: Senior Design Engineer Lives: Hertfordshire

Glenn Ward took apart and rebuilt an entire computer aged 8 and his entrepreneurial streak ensued when he began washing cars in his local area at age 14. An amateur footballer, Glenn cites Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg as his inspiration and describes himself as ‘an intelligent man with a dry sense of humour’ who can ‘read between the lines’.

He Says: “Aggression isn’t the best form of strength…I bring a marriage of technical thinking with a bit of salesman bravado.”





Jim Eastwood

Age: 32 Occupation: Sales & Marketing Manager Lives: Northern Ireland

Jim started work in his father’s fish & chip shop chipping potatoes from the age of nine and went on to  maintain top sales performances as a Sales and Marketing Manager. Jim, who was All Ireland cycling champion as a teenager, champions Richard Branson and describes himself as ‘driven, self-motivated, resilient and an eternal optimist.’

He Says: “I’m not a show pony or a one-trick pony, I’m not a jack-ass or a stubborn mule, and I’m definitely not a wild stallion that needs to be tamed. I am the champion thoroughbred that this process requires.”




Leon Doyle

Age: 26 Occupation: Fast Food Marketing Entrepreneur Lives: Leeds

Harrogate born Leon, a former paper boy and lorry driver, describes himself as ‘charming, genuine and honest’.  Leon, who survived a near fatal fall from a tree at the age of 12 once completed the Great North Run for charity. A Director and Founder of an online takeaway ordering site and publishing business, Leon notes Richard Branson and Apple as inspirational.

He Says: “I don’t like your gimmicky salesman who thinks he can sell ice to an Eskimo. Chances are he probably can’t, and why would an Eskimo buy ice”.





Tom Pellereau

Age: 31 Occupation: Inventor Lives: London

London born Tom’s first job was working on a farm sorting agricultural bulbs from mud. A keen inventor and sports enthusiast, Tom succeeded in taking a prototype made in his kitchen to the shelves of two leading pharmacy outlets in the UK. He describes himself as ‘creative, adventurous, loyal and enthusiastic’, and cites Thomas Edison as an icon.

He Says: “For me the Apprentice is a bit like the Olympics or the World Cup for entrepreneurs… I want to challenge myself, find out if I am ready to step up to this level.”




Vincent Disneur

Age: 29 Occupation:  Sales Manager – Telecoms Software Lives: Canterbury

Half-Belgian and half-Swiss, Glasgow-born Vincent is a film buff and frequent traveler with a penchant for theatre. The self confessed perfectionist who was a Liverpool mascot as a child, names Bill Gates and Richard Branson as role models and would love to have been the brains behind Microsoft.

He Says: “My positive approach and very good looks make me stand out from the crowd.”



Junior Apprentice: New BBC ONE Series Announced

Posted on May 3rd, 2010 in Television PR,The Apprentice.

LONDON, Monday, 3rd May 2010: Ten teenage contenders will compete for boardroom supremacy in Junior Apprentice when BBC ONE’s multi award-winning show hits our screens on Wednesday 12th May for a special 6 x 60 minute run.

Multi-millionaire and self made businessman, Lord Sugar left school at 16 with no money in his pocket and no qualifications but, against the odds, he battled his way to the top of his game.

Passionate about business and motivating young people to embrace their inner entrepreneur, Lord Sugar has decided to give 10 of the UK’s most ambitious and driven teenagers the opportunity of a lifetime to compete for the title of Junior Apprentice.

Junior Apprentice

The 10 candidates, aged 16-17 years old, all believe that they have the same potential, determination and raw business talent to take on the challenge and bid to win access to a fund worth up to the value of £25,000. The fund will go towards kick-starting his or her business career, and will be tailored to their individual career prospects and development. Each of the young candidates has been selected for their entrepreneurial flair, interest and passion for business – Lord Sugar has spotted potential in all of them, but only one can succeed in becoming the first Junior Apprentice.

For the first time, Nick Hewer will be joined by top businesswoman and Vice Chairman of West Ham, Karren Brady, to keep a close eye on the young candidates throughout the process. Karren knows the scrutiny the candidates will be under having taken part – and subsequently won – Comic Relief Does The Apprentice in 2007.

The aspiring tycoons will face the biggest business challenge of their lives to date as they embark on a series of tough tasks which will push their skills to the limit. Before they begin with their first task of selling cheese to passing trade and businesses, the candidates check out their luxurious new home, armed with the knowledge that they may not get to enjoy it for too long.

Starting with the five boys against the five girls, they all know that the pressure is on and only one thing counts – profit. At the end of their first day, one team will win and the other will end up facing Lord Sugar in the boardroom.

Who will be the first to hear the infamous words “You’re Fired”?

Event PR: National Television Awards 2010

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LONDON, Tuesday 5th January 2010: The giants of the small screen are fighting it out for the ultimate prize – and who takes home an NTA trophy on the biggest TV night of the year is entirely down to YOU.

The final round of voting is now officially open for the biggest-ever National Television Awards (NTA), taking place on Wednesday, January 20 at London’s O2 Arena, hosted for the very first time by Dermot O’Leary, and broadcast live on ITV1 from 7.30 pm. And here are the key battles in which you can help choose the winners:

event PR

In the Talent Show category The X Factor takes on Strictly Come Dancing, Britain’s Got Talent, and Dancing On Ice. The X Factor will be looking for revenge after Strictly caused an upset last year by waltzing off with the trophy. But the Subo factor could give Simon Cowell a second chance of silverware with Britain’s Got Talent.

Fans of Ant and Dec have more than one chance to vote for their heroes, with the irrepressible Geordie duo up for no less than three awards, namely Ant And Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway and I’m A Celebrity . . . Get Me Out Of Here! in the Entertainment Programme and the boys themselves as Entertainment Presenters, where they are likely to face stiff competition from Paul O’Grady and first-time NTA shortlisters Holly Willoughby and Michael McIntyre.

awards PR

The three Davids – Jason (A Touch Of Frost), Tennant (Doctor Who), and Threlfall (Shameless) – gang up on the solitary Philip Glenister (for Ashes To Ashes) in Drama Performance, while The Apprentice squares up to Top Gear in yet another heavyweight clash, this time for Factual Programme.

Throw in Newcomer – where the EastEnders v Coronation Street battle is fought out by Ryan Malloy (Neil McDermott) and Graeme Proctor (Craig Gazey) – and the brand new Star Travel Documentary category that sees Joanna Lumley (In The Land Of The Northern Lights) take on Stephen Fry (In America) in a National Treasure face-off, and it’s clear that the only place to be on January 20 is in the best ringside seat in the house, watching live on ITV1 at 7.30pm.

The spectacular NTA set features thousands crystals by Swarovski – prepare to be dazzled!

How to vote here . . .

Simply go to to vote for your favourites, or call the special NTA voteline on 0901 888 2009. Calls cost 25p per minute from BT landlines plus a 9p connection charge, while calls from other networks may be higher and calls from mobiles will cost considerably more.*

One lucky member of the audience will become a star for the night! During the ceremony Dermot will be inviting a member of the public up from the audience onto the stage to present a major award. So make sure you are dressed to the nines so that you’ll sparkle in the spotlight.

Vote now, and don’t forget to tune in to ITV1 from 7.30 pm on Wednesday January 20th when new host Dermot O’ Leary helms a spectacular star-studded ceremony to reveal the winners as voted for by YOU!

*Calls should last no longer than 6 minutes and you need to call from a touchtone phone to register your votes. Voting opens at 00.01 on January 5th and closes at midday on 20th January. Multiple vote restrictions apply see Terms and Conditions at

For further information, contact Taylor Herring PR on 0208 206 5151

TVQuick & TVChoice Awards Winners Revealed!

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LONDON, Tuesday 8th September 2009: The TVQuick & TVChoice Awards last night honoured the cream of the TV crop in a star-studded ceremony at London’s Dorchester hotel.

Soap’s biggest names sparkled, while the cast of Ashes To Ashes and teen hit Skins rubbed shoulders with Dragons Den’s Duncan, Peter and Theo.

tv-quick-and-tv-choice-awardsPopular duo Ant and Dec were big winners of the night after being presented with the first ever Outstanding Contribution Award to mark their 20 year careers in TV. They also triumphed in the Best Entertainment Show category with Saturday Night Takeaway.

But it was the Walford crew who took home the biggest haul of awards as EastEnders held onto its Best Soap crown as well as winning Best Soap Storyline for ‘Danielle and Ronnie’s story’. Actress Lauren Crace also picked up the gong for Best Soap Newcomer for her dramatic portrayal of Ronnie’s long-lost daughter Danielle.

Coronation Street was the other big soap winner of the night with onscreen couple Simon Gregson and Katherine Kelly honoured as Best Soap Actor and Best Soap Actress.

It was a magic night for the BBC’s Merlin – named as Best New Drama – whilst last year’s winner, Ashes to Ashes, stayed on top, winning the hotly-contended Best Drama Series. The show’s star Philip Glenister walked away with Best Actor for his role as chauvinistic Eighties detective DCI Gene Hunt.

Waterloo Road also received two prestigious accolades. The show came top of the class as Best Family Drama, and actress Denise Welch was recognised for her part as teacher Steph Haydock, taking home the Best Actress award.

Denise Welch had another reason to celebrate, joining her fellow Loose Women to pick up the coveted award for Best Daytime Show; the third year in a row the ITV1 lunchtime show has triumphed.

Britain’s Got Talent landed the award for Best Talent Show, while Lord Alan and The Apprentice enjoyed a second year as Best Reality Show. Former winners Top Gear and Deal or No Deal again lifted silverware, and there was a first time win for The Inbetweeners.

From Walford to Weatherfield, via Sherwood Forest, Barry Island and Billericay, the TVQuick & TVChoice Awards celebrate the very best of the small screen. Presented by actor and comedian Ben Miller, they raised money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

For pictures and further information, please contact Taylor Herring PR – 0208 206 5151.

Full List Of Winners

Best Comedy Show- The Inbetweeners (E4/C4)

Best Daytime Show – Loose Women (ITV1)

Best Entertainment Show- Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway (ITV1)

Best Lifestyle Show – Top Gear (BBC2)

Best Family Drama- Waterloo Road (BBC1)

Best New Drama – Merlin (BBC1)

Best Drama Series – Ashes To Ashes (BBC1)

Best Reality Show – The Apprentice (BBC1)

Best Actor – Philip Glenister, Ashes To Ashes

Best Actress – Denise Welch, Waterloo Road

Best Talent Show – Britain’s Got Talent (ITV1)

Best Gameshow – Deal Or No Deal (C4)

Best Soap Actor – Simon Gregson – Steve McDonald, Coronation Street (ITV1)

Best Soap Actress – Katherine Kelly – Becky Granger, Coronation Street (ITV1)

Best Soap Newcomer – Lauren Crace – Danielle Jones, EastEnders (BBC1)

Best Soap – EastEnders (BBC1)

Best Soap Storyline – Danielle and Ronnie’s story, EastEnders (BBC1)

Who’s Hired? The Apprentice Final

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The Apprentice comes to a conclusion on Sunday 7th June at 9pm on BBC One. The finalists will battle it in the toughest task yet to win the coveted six figure salary with multi-millionaire, no-nonsense businessman, Sir Alan Sugar.

The fifth series of the job interview from hell has regularly pulled in the highest ratings yet, with the launch episode attracting over 8 million viewers. Sir Alan is aided once again by his advisers, Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford, as he sorts the wheat from the chaff in a series of gruelling tasks and explosive boardroom scenes.

Viewers will be kept on the edge of their seats as they find out who will hear the sought after words: “You’re Hired!”.

For further information contact: [email protected]

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