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Jade’s Wedding on Living

Posted on March 6th, 2009 in Celebrity PR,Television PR.

Exclusive to LIVING, the two part wedding special, Jade: Bride to Be (Wednesday 11th March at 9pm) and Jade’s Wedding (Thursday 12th March at 9pm), follows Jade Goody as she plans her fairytale wedding day.

In the first of the two programmes, Jade: Bride to Be, the cameras capture Jade’s friends and family as they help her meticulously take care of everything from choosing her dream dress and picking out the beautiful bouquets to making sure Bobby and Freddie are the perfect page boys.

Episode two, Jade’s Wedding, follows the beautiful bride on her special day as she walks down the aisle with her devoted fiancé Jack.

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Press Launch:The Apprentice

Posted on March 6th, 2009 in Television PR,The Apprentice.

sugarMulti award-winning business reality show, The Apprentice returns to BBC ONE for a fifth series later this month, in what promises to be the toughest series yet.

Press launch will be held on Tuesday 17th March at 9.30am. By invitation only. For further information contact [email protected]

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Britain’s best aspiring tycoons have courageously quit their jobs to embark on a 12-week interview from hell with no-nonsense, self-made millionaire businessman, Sir Alan Sugar. Aided once again by his advisers Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford, Sir Alan will be sorting the wheat from the chaff through a series of gruelling tasks and explosive boardroom scenes. Viewers will be kept on the edge of their seats as candidates are whittled down after hearing the infamous words: “You’re fired!”. With new candidates and new tasks, this is set to be the most tense and unpredictable series yet.

Parents ‘too busy’ to read to kids

Posted on February 27th, 2009 in Book PR,Television PR.

bookabooThree quarters of Britain’s parents are too busy to read bedtime stories to their children, according to a study.

Worryingly, it also emerged only three per cent of fathers now find the time to read to the kids compared to 89 per cent of mothers.

The majority (87%) blame work commitments, but over a third (34%) said they are just too tired to read to their youngsters.

The poll of 2,000 parents was commissioned by CITV to mark the launch of the children’s show Bookaboo, which encourages parents and children to read together. It found most parents believed bedtime was the best time to read to a child – just 5% read to their youngsters during the day.

Lucy Goodman, creator of Bookaboo, said: “It’s important development wise that young boys are able to share a book with dads, granddads or male carers and it can be fun and rewarding too. Our research is showing that dads are just not finding time to do this.”

Comedian Al Murray, Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden and veteran rock star Meat Loaf are amongst a host of stars will join a drum-playing puppy in a the new CiTV series which helps children and adults to enjoy reading.

The 13-part series starts on March 2  and will be shown at 12:15, 15:20 and 17:50

Press contact: Louisa Bradshaw 0208 206 5151

End of the road for ‘Sunday best’

Posted on February 25th, 2009 in Television PR.

PD*7602778Traditional pursuits are being consigned to the history books and replaced by Sunday shopping, computer games and pub quizzes, according to a study by new TV channel Blighty.

Research identifies the “Sunday best” as the British tradition in steepest decline, while elevenses, parlour games, taking afternoon tea and donkey rides are also on the wane.

Quintessential British pastimes are being replaced by modern customs like blogging, social networking, curry nights and computer ‘sports’ like Wii tennis. May Day celebrations such as Morris dancing and dancing around a Maypole are on the way out with only 13 per cent of the young aware of them.

The survey of the changing face of modern Britain, conducted by Blighty, questioned 2,000 people aged under 25 and found just 6 per cent now made an effort to dress up on Sunday.

Playground games, such as conkers, hopscotch and skipping, noted the second-steepest decline, with just 13 per cent of people having played them or even seen them played.

Yesterday, Adrian Wills, the head of Blighty, said: “Only 4 per cent of young Brits have enjoyed a seaside attraction such as a Punch and Judy show.

Among the new traditions, stag and hen weekends are fast growing in popularity, with a fifth of Britons heading abroad.


1. Wearing Sunday best
2. Playground games
3. May Day celebrations
4. Taking afternoon tea
5. Keeping a diary/writing letters
6. Harvest Festival celebrations
7 Parlour games
8. Elevenses
9. Morris dancing
10. Old time seaside attractions


1. January sales shopping
2. Blogging/social networking
3. Computer game sessions
4. Sunday shopping
5. Halloween parties
6. Attending farmers markets
7. Pub quizzes
8. Hen/Stag weekends
9. Voting for reality TV shows
10. Regular curry night

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Jade: Tonight at 9pm on Living

Posted on February 19th, 2009 in Celebrity PR,Television PR.

chemo-sleeping-cuWhen LIVING started filming with Jade Goody in the Summer of 2008 for the fly on the wall documentary Living With Jade Goody what started as an insight into the life of LIVING’s best loved faces quickly turned into something no one could have predicted with Jade’s shock cervical cancer diagnosis.

Viewers shared Jade’s pain as she bravely went on camera determined to give us the full devastating story of her  illness and raise awareness of the illness, its effects and treatments. Since then the channel has shown viewers how her life has changed as she came to terms with her disease, underwent a hysterectomy, embarked on cancer treatment and dealt with its traumatic consequences such as hair loss – all whilst caring for her family and continuing with her career.

Earlier this month, Jade was rushed to The Royal Marsden Hospital after collapsing at her home. Since being admitted, she has received the heartbreaking diagnosis that her cancer has spread. 

Jade says during the show: “There are a number of things in my life that have tried to pull me down and I’ve bounced back up through.  This I’ve got no control of but I will take it with both hands and take control of it and smash it down and walk all over it.  So yes, I will survive cancer.  I have to.”

Exclusive to LIVING, the next instalment of the series, Jade airs on tonight at 9pm, and charts Jade’s reaction to her devastating prognosis as well as documenting her life from where The Next Chapter left off, including having Jack back in her life after his prison release.  The cameras will follow Jade as she undergoes further distressing chemotherapy treatment whilst trying to remain strong for her two boys, Bobby and Freddie. 

Jade also features Jade’s recent holiday to Tenerife with her family, where even though she had the chance to relax in the sun, she received the devastating news that her business mentor, Robert Coleman, as featured in Just Jade series on LIVING, had died suddenly of a heart attack aged just 62. Despite hearing the shock news, Jade’s determination to remain positive has helped her cope with the loss of a good friend and father figure.

In addition, the episode will follow Jade’s preparation for her fiancé Jack’s release from prison and follows their emotional reunion after five months of separation. Despite feeling “numb” at the news of Jade’s recent setback, Jack has vowed to remain strong for his fiancée and her sons.

Jade is determined to have her story told and educate other young women in similar situations to do as much as she can to prevent others going through the trauma of what she is facing.   Jade will give viewers an insight in to Jade’s life and what it feels like to cope with cancer under the spotlight. 

Jade’s spirit refuses to be dampened by her illness and her famous sense of humour and fun shine through with some classic Jade comic moments that remind us all why she is so unique and loved.

Many viewers have expressed their support of Jade, and her story has received vast column inches from the British press, including medical experts commenting on Jade’s illness and her own way of coping. 

Emma Bower, Editor of the medical publication Healthcare Republic commented on the validity of raising awareness: “Jade is not everyone’s cup of tea and some may criticise her decision to play out her illness in the media.  But frankly I think it will do more to raise awareness about the importance of cervical screening and HPV jabs than any government ad campaign could hope to achieve.”

Click here to see preview clip

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