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Hershey’s is making the internet more tasty with an edible website!

Posted on April 6th, 2017 in brand PR,Consumer PR,creative publicity,FMCG,Food and Drink PR,Influencer PR,Leisure PR,Online PR,PR Stunt,Publicity Stunts,snackfood PR,Stunt Of The Day.

What’s the worst thing about the internet I hear you say? Not being able to eat it? Well thanks to chocolate giants Hershey’s, NOW YOU CAN!

It’s not every day you can enter to win yourself a two ton chocolate sculpture of the Eiffel Tower or a giant chocolate poo emoji, but marketing wizards at Hershey’s Brazil, along with Brazilian advertising agency Akuellmix, created their first edible website. By filling their website with chocolate versions of real objects they managed to pique the interest of many a sweet toothed consumer.


Visitors to the site were able to purchase their favourite Hershey’s bar from the store and enter the code on the wrapper to be in with a chance to win one of the choc-o-licious masterpieces.

Hershey’s also gifted social media personalities with their own chocolate masterpieces including, blogger Hugo Gloss who received a block of chocolate with his name branded onto it in the style of fashion brand Hugo Boss and Cid Cidoso who posted a video aptly titled “Cid talks whilst a fat guy eats chocolate”

This would definitely be worth the toothache!

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Fonts created by the Homeless

Posted on June 3rd, 2015 in Stunt Of The Day.

When most of us see a homeless cardboard sign on the street, we only see the person affected by the struggle, however, the Arrals Foundation see the unique and individual creativity in their writing.


They have used the handwriting of Barcelona’s homeless community, complete with personality and story, and created new fonts.


These typefaces are available to purchase and the money helps to support the homeless and raises awareness of the issue. It is hoped that the typefaces will transform homeless type-casts.

Help support Homelessfonts here.

Video (c) Arrals Foundation.

The ‘internetest’ safety video on the internet

Posted on June 3rd, 2015 in Stunt Of The Day.

Getting passengers to watch the in-flight safety video has become a competitive affair.

Following on from our post about Air New Zealand’s latest safety video, we now must tip our caps to the creative workings of Delta Airlines who have taken the internet as influence for their new in-flight video.

For a bit of retro respite, check out their 80’s themed safety video which sent the internet flying last year.

Video (c) Delta Airlines.

Pizza Hut Selfie?

Posted on June 2nd, 2015 in Stunt Of The Day.

The selfie stick craze is taking over the world, and this latest PSA by Pizza Hut has been released to warn us all of the dangers of the device.

The video depicts a bleak world where selfie sticks are growing in size, knocking over lemonade stands, breaking windows and smashing TVs.

pizza hut

But don’t worry, at least with your selfie stick, you’ll be able to get a picture with Pizza Hut’s new 2-foot long Big Flavor Dipper pizza– too large to fit in a traditional selfie!

The global pizza company created the spoof PSA to advertise their latest pizza and, as the pizza delivery guy says, “Bigger parties mean bigger selfies, which leads to bigger selfie sticks, which leads to bigger pizza! This is 2 feet of pizza, man!”

Remember…please selfie responsibly.

Video/Images (c) Pizza Hut

Water Aid launch Manpons

Posted on June 1st, 2015 in Stunt Of The Day.

Ever wondered what it would be like if men got periods?

Well, thanks to Water Aid, the wait is over.

In a spoof video, NASA scientists have formulated Manpons – tampons for men – allowing men to ‘be the best’, even during their cycle. Although the logistics of these manpons aren’t quite explained in the video (thankfully)!

Water Aid are aiming to increase awareness about the 1.25 billion women who don’t have access to a toilet during their period, with a series of ‘If Men Had Periods’ videos.

Sign up to their ‘Make It Happen’ petition here –

Video (c) WaterAid.

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