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Table football and televisions: not your average Christmas tree ornaments

Posted on December 23rd, 2016 in Attraction PR,Charity PR,Stunt Of The Day,Tourism PR.

Liberty Plaza is now hosting a contender for NYC’s most talked-about Christmas tree, which is usually the 9-foot specimen residing beside the Rockefeller Centre.

The ‘Krazy Kristmas Tree’ has been created by Krazy Glue, which has used only it’s own product to decorate their fir with an assortment of unconventional ornaments including a sled, dune buggy and table tennis table.


The brand took on the challenge of decorating a tree in this way to prove that one drop of their product really can hold up to 2,000 lbs – over 900 kgs!

Whilst this is an impressive spectacle in itself, it has been announced that all of the current decorations will be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City, a children’s charity.

Merry Christmas all!

– @katiemallion

Snowboarding in NYC

Posted on January 25th, 2016 in Stunt Of The Day,Technology PR,Viral Video PR.

Snow makes the roads far too hazardous for most. Ice everywhere and deep snow in places mean we’re always encouraged to stay indoors and only drive if absolutely necessary.

That leaves the roads empty; a blank canvas for entrepreneurial sorts to unleash creativity. That is exactly what Casey Neistat did with the help of a few friends.

The YouTuber clambered onto his snowboard, grabbed a handful of GoPros and attached himself to the back of a friends truck before being pulled around the snowy, picturesque streets of New York City.

The video is interspersed with footage from a drone that was following the group around the streets (which was a struggle in itself – you can watch the ‘Behind the Scenes’ video here) to document the scale of the operation.

A special mention goes out to the NYPD who said to the group “someone complained about you so we’re just gonna act like we’re talking to you.”

The footage has hit news channels all over the world and the video has almost 5 million views in little over a day, with the behind the scenes video amassing over 1 million views as well. A great stunt, brilliantly executed and getting the virality it deserves.

Shia LaBeouf watches his oeuvre

Posted on November 13th, 2015 in Stunt Of The Day.

Love him or hate him, there are very few people in the public eye as interesting as Shia LaBeouf.

The one time children’s TV star has had a rather tumultuous journey to get to where he is today; some moments of madness, some of genius, and some, well… erm…

Shia LaBeouf.


If anyone is going to appreciate the Shia canon though, it’s the man himself.

For the past three days Shia LaBeouf has been watching every single film he has ever appeared in (29 if you’re asking) in reverse chronological order in a cinema in New York. But not confined to the normal parameters of ‘kinda weird’, he livestreamed the whole event to be enjoyed across the globe.

But, there was a catch – due to copyright issues, the films and any audio could not be streamed – just him – in silence – for 72 hours.

Shia LaBeouf.


If someone in a creative brainstorm threw this idea on to the table, there is no doubt they would be laughed out of the room. It’s absolute madness…

But people have been chronicling his reactions; from elation, to tears, to embarrassment, to sleep – and as crazy as it sounds, the whole thing was bizarrely compelling.

And the moment those final credits began to roll there was unbridled elation: He made it! And so did we.


Thanks for everything Shia. We can’t wait to see what you do next.

Shia LaBeouf.

The Human Torch flies above New York

Posted on August 4th, 2015 in Stunt Of The Day.

You may have seen the franchise before, but you ain’t seen nothing like this…

With the reboot of Fantastic Four just around the corner, movie producers have set alight The Human Torch and sent it flying around New York.


Sparks were flying as a human shaped drone was set ablaze and flown around Nassau County.

10 fire fighters and two chiefs were on site to ensure the safety of the stunt.


With a dazzling finish, the aircraft passes over a fiery logo for the new film.

Images (c) Adweek

Video (c) didthatjusthappen

‘The Big Apple’ arrives in ‘The Big Smoke’ thanks to Tiffany & Co.

Posted on July 2nd, 2015 in Stunt Of The Day.

To launch their new boutique Tiffany & Co. have recreated New York in Selfridges with an installation called “Fifth and 57th”. Using props and projectors, they have recreated New York in the very heart of London.

There is everything from a romantic magnolia tree one would find in Central park (ideal for a destination proposal on a budget perhaps?) to the popular coffee and pretzel carts found on every NY corner.

Tiffany & Co. Exhibition 'Fifth And 57th' Preview

According to Grazia daily, they have also recreated the ‘Manhattenhenge’ sunset at the end of a projector-created replica of Fifth Avenue. This famous sunset, where the sun aligns perfectly between the buildings at the end of the street, only happens twice a year (or every 13 minutes at Selfridges)!

'Manhattenhenge' that only happens twice a year in New York's Fifth Avenue Image (c) Grazia

The installation would not be complete without New York’s iconic Yellow cab doors welcoming one into the exhibit, or the Tiffany New York flagship replica that bids customers goodbye.

But be warned: the nostalgic installation combined with resident engraver for any purchased Tiffany jewellery close at hand, may cause an ‘Audrey Hepburn moment’ and leave you with a sizeable hole in your wallet!

Images (c) Grazia

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