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Worlds Apart: Heineken launch new social experiment encouraging people to come together and discuss their differences

Posted on April 24th, 2017 in brand PR,Consumer PR,Food and Drink PR,PR Stunt,Stunt Of The Day.

After a string of polarising elections and global decisions, the world today has never seemed more divided or more vocal about disagreements or differences in opinion. With such passionate opposition on both sides of the fence it would seem that people with such fundamental differences would struggle in sharing the same room together let alone a beer. And yet that is exactly what Heineken have set out to disprove with this incredibly moving social experiment, hopefully restoring some of your faith in humanity in the process.

With the thought that society can be brought back together again by starting an open and honest dialogue they have taken it upon themselves to  start the conversation with their new ‘Worlds Apart’ video. They answer questions such as: what would happen if you bring together a feminist, and an anti-feminist? Or a climate change activist with someone who thinks the whole idea is “piffle”? Heineken have stated that their brand ethos going forward is all about openness and bringing people together even under the most unlikely of circumstances.

Cindy Tervoort, Head of Marketing, Heineken says: “Open Your World is the first-time Heineken has launched a campaign of this nature in the UK. Joining forces with The Human Library is a way for us to inspire more people to focus on the things that unite us rather than divide us. We don’t all support the same football team, listen to the same music or share the same taste in clothes. We know we’re never going to agree on everything but there will also be common ground. Whether it’s 1950, 2017 or 2027, being open lets us get more out of life. It makes the world a more interesting place. And it makes every story worth listening to.”

I definitely think other large companies could make their mark, taking a leaf out of Heineken’s book by encouraging people from all walks of life to put their differences aside, get together and simply talk it out. We are all only human after all.

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Brewdog celebrates new four-legged editions to the family with “Paw-ternity” leave for employees

Posted on February 20th, 2017 in brand PR,creative publicity,Stunt Of The Day.


Buying a new dog or puppy can be one of the most amazing parts of an adult’s life but it does come with some very harsh realities. Much like with a new baby you will be sleep deprived as your new edition howls through the night as it gets accustomed to you and its new surroundings. Not to mention the sudden and common presence of the unmistakable puddles or surprises on the carpet and that is before you even get down to the training. Then comes the long process of teaching your little one how to sit and stay and come and go and to please not beg at the dinner table or destroy my slippers. Fitting this all in around a full time job can seem impossible. Enter Brewdog with a solution: Paw-ternity leave.

Thought to be the first of its kind; the Manchester based brewery is now offering its employees a very special perk: paid time off for those all-important early bonding days with your new bundle of fluff.


Brewdog co-founder James Watt said: “It’s not easy trying to juggle work and settle a new dog into your life, and many members of our crew have four-legged friends at home. So we wanted to take the stress out of the situation and let our teams take the time they need to welcome their new puppy or dog into their family.”

The company also welcome dogs into their offices and currently have over 50 dogs being brought onto the site daily.

What a paw-fect way to celebrate the relationship between man and man’s best friend.



Posted on February 7th, 2017 in brand PR,branded content,Celebrity PR,Comedy,Stunt Of The Day.


The beer company are giving away a free pint to anyone who tweets in to @London_Pride every time rain falls in London this February. To grab yourself a free pint all you have to do is tune in to their live feed on their Twitter account hosted by former BBC weatherman Michael Fish.

Viewers have to check their daily live feed and as soon as it starts raining tweet in using the hashtag #WhenItPoursItRains and you will receive a code for a free pint of London Pride’s finest.

The code can then be redeemed at Fuller’s pubs around the capital.

Michael Fish said: “This is such an inspired idea. February can often be one of the dreariest months of the year, with the short days and wet weather, so a free pint of London Pride will certainly brighten up peoples’ days.



The world’s first zero gravity music festival: organised by Desperados

Posted on November 30th, 2016 in Food and Drink PR,PR Stunt,Stunt Of The Day.

Tequila as a spirit has long be synonymous with dancing on tables, daring shots with friends, a release of inhibitions and much is known on the effects that alcohol in general has on the body. However that is not enough for Desperado’s who have teamed up with We Are Pi to go the extra mile or in this case miles to deliver a whole new experience for some of its connoisseurs.

With the campaign titled “Release Your Inner Tequila” they took the lucky few to the skies above Las Vegas in a fully kitted out party aeroplane with a “dance floor” and Dutch DJ Mike Cervello on hand to play a remixed version of his track “Smack” at an exclusive music festival. After climbing to an impressive height of 28,000 feet the revellers were then treated to a series of nose dives to induce zero gravity and a feeling of weightless as they continued to party.

The rave in space has now been immortalised via a YouTube video, which you can watch below.

Emblazoned with neon Desperados jackets we can watch as the party goers’ board the plane with UV lights glowing. This is then interspersed with clips from Cervello’s previous highly successful appearances and some science behind the physics of weightlessness from an auditory cognitive neuroscientist. We are then treated to the priceless moments when the zero gravity kicks in and the close ups focus on the faces of the overwhelmed and ecstatic participants. The video itself has already been viewed over 13,000 times since its upload and its viewing numbers continue to grow as this unique stunt is shared from one Tequila fan to another.

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‘Tap out’- Kozel can whisk you from office to pub with the touch of a button

Posted on July 20th, 2016 in Bar PR,stuff we liked,Stunt Of The Day.

In a bid to promote their beer and help out busy workers who are frequently stuck in the office and therefore late to post work pub trips, Kozel have launched an uber-meets-booze type initiative called the ‘tap out’ button which, when pushed arranges a door to door taxi to take the user directly from their office to the pub where two ice cold pints will await the user and a lucky friend, who will also receive a free ride to their chosen pub with only a slight catch; it must serve the Czech beer.

If a free beer and an escape from the office sound right up your street, it could be your lucky day as the company is looking for individuals to trial the scheme by tweeting @Kozel_UK using the hashtag #Pushforpub.


The company has also launched the pint finder app where users can bag a free pint at over 200 pubs across London using their phone’s GPS to discover offers nearest them and use the app’s tinder style function to swipe ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to various offers of 2 free pints, which sounds pretty good to me- Kozel pub crawl anyone?

This is not the first time a beer company has capitalised on Britain’s love of all things free; a tradition began by Guinness in 1959 who famously dispensed 150,000 bottles of the drink into the ocean and continued in April 2015 by Carlsberg who created a billboard at the Old Truman brewery in Brick lane that dispensed free beer as part of their ‘If Carlsberg did…’ campaign, creating what they described as ‘probably the best poster in the world’.  Who can blame them; can anyone really resist a free drink?

by @_laurafrazer

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