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Win at Cannes Lions with this disruptive campaign idea generator

Posted on June 16th, 2018 James in Taylor Herring News.

Dreaming up Cannes Lions winning campaigns takes time. A lot of time.

We wondered will there be a future where maybe, just maybe, you could deliver disruptive campaign ideas at the touch of a button?

No more brainstorms.

No more thought showers.

No more flipchart spitballing.

No more frenetic huddles in your bean bag room. (The one with the blue sky painted on the ceiling and that jar of Haribo)

Just imagine.

Well it took around 10 hours of development and a few hundred of lines of code but we finally built an artificial intelligence platform to fully automate the creative process.

Yes – an AI programme that instantly summons buzz-worthy social causes, together with memeable on-point trends and the shiniest new tech  – providing the perfect inspiration.

Ladies and Gentlemen – the future is here….(well, in beta)

As always – we look forward to your constructive feedback.






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