Attempt at a poem composed only from campaign titles from the PR Week Awards shortlist 2017 « Taylor Herring

Attempt at a poem composed only from campaign titles from the PR Week Awards shortlist 2017

Posted on October 17th, 2017 James in Poetry.

Visualising the voice
Catching the butterflies
Cutting through the silence
Giving British masculinity a new voice
Being teenage in the digital age.

@DangerousSnail25 has a secret

The magic of mobile tickets
The power of nice
The year of the fix
The real Mr. Darcy.

We’ve got a workout for that

Fight today for more tomorrows
Follow our foodsteps
Bring in your parents
Break the silence
B rent-free.

There’s a new quid on the block

The dining club
The emotionally powered shop
The mobile billboard
The garden of light.

Santa forgot

Darts: The Ballet
The wipeable onesie
The world’s most eligible bachelor
Kevin the carrot.

From selfie to self-expression

The joy of sticks
The future of work is human
The world’s biggest recruitment programme
The £2million challenge.


Carlsberg pubstitutions
Cyber investigator Chronicles
Innovation hacks
Totes IKEA.

Going for gold.


congrats to all the nominees

[by @itsjamesherring]

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