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Taylor Herring create first TV Ad for Samsung

Posted on November 22nd, 2017 in Taylor Herring News,Taylor Herring PR.


Samsung and Channel 4 make TV history with longest ‘single shot’ ad – an uninterrupted shot of laundry wash cycle to be seen by millions

  • Longest EVER single shot ad screened on UK television1– with a takeover of an entire prime time ad break
  • ‘Slow TV’ style commercial nods to 1950’s interlude series and features nothing but unbroken footage of washing machine cycle from a single locked off camera
  • Creative inspired by new research which reveals adult Brits will spend 61 days across a lifetime ‘watching the washing’
  • Ad created to launch the Samsung’s QuickDrive™, a washing machine which cuts laundry time by HALF2 – without compromising performance
  • The ad which emphasises #LifesTooShort will be screened during Channel 4 hit Gogglebox on Friday 24th November

London, UK – Monday 20th November, 2017: TV history is to be made with the screening of a head-spinning new Samsung ad which will be the longest single shot commercial ever screened in the UK – featuring nothing but a washing machine cycle.

At three minutes and 20 seconds long, and preceded by a bespoke Channel 4 branded introduction, the advert will fill an entire ad break when it is aired during Friday night smash hit show Gogglebox on November 24.

The film, developed and directed by creative agency Taylor Herring and produced by PackHorse Productions promises to be one of the most hypnotic ads ever screened featuring a 200 second long cross section of a family wash immersed in suds as it spins through a cycle.

The ad, which marks the launch of Samsung’s new QuickDrive™ washing machine, taps into the popularity of “slow TV” which has captured a cult audience who revel in the quirky joys of watching the world pass by in real-time on their screens, basking in the full, unedited glory.

The creative – ‘QuickDrive™ Interlude’ was inspired by the golden days of the celebrated TV “interlude” series of the 1950s, which most famously featured a rotating potter’s wheel to cover for gaps in programmes or when there was some sort of technical problem. Other films, which were beloved by a generation, included a ploughman driving his horses across a field and a kitten with a ball of string.

The Samsung commercial directly references the inspiration via on screen text and 30 seconds of sepia tinged footage before fading to full colour

QuickDrive™ Interlude will launch with the hashtag #LifesTooShort to emphasise the valuable time wasted as we wait for long washing cycles to end. Newly commissioned research from Samsung reveals that the average British adult will spend 1,481 hours watching the washing spin, which adds up to 61 days across a lifetime. In that time they could learn an instrument such as piano or trumpet to Grade 5 or become fluent in a new language.

Using the latest technology, Samsung QuickDrive™ cuts laundry time by half2 without compromising on performance. It adds a new dimension to washing by not only moving clothes up and down with the churning motion of the drum, but a plate at the rear also adds a back and forth movement to wash more effectively. QuickDrive™ also includes the innovative AddWash™ feature, enabling additional items of clothing to be added during the cycle3.

Viewers of a certain age will recognise the accompanying music as the theme tune to “the gallery” on BBC1’s 70s children’s show Vision On, which featured the late TV artist Tony Hart. The track Left Bank Two, recorded by The Noveltones, was later revived for another kids’ show SMart in the Noughties and it has become something of a turn-to tongue-in-cheek soundbed to soundtrack a humdrum scene on TV.

Mark Seaman, Head of Domestic Appliances, Samsung UK & Ireland, said: “QuickDrive™ is the fastest and smartest Samsung washing machine ever made and this commercial shines a spotlight on the ‘performance’ of the machine itself to create a mesmerising spectacle where art meets technology. The advert also teases the next stage of our campaign which will see QuickDrive™’s performance taken to even bigger screens.”

Pete Clark, Agency Principal from Channel 4 Sales said: “We’re really excited to be making TV history with Samsung and building on 4 Sales’ strong track record in ad break innovation. Dedicating an entire ad break to showcasing nothing but the new QuickDrive™ in action will deliver good clean entertainment for Channel 4 viewers.”

Samsung is supporting the advert with a full PR campaign including a unique tie up with the show. GoggleBox personalities will elevate the online conversation around the advert with tweets during the commercial, seeding the content to their followers.

Gogglebox currently attracts an average overnight audience of 2.8 million viewers per episode and a 14.4% share of the viewing audience on Fridays from 9-10pm.

Greggs release Advent Calendar. Merry Greggsmas!

Posted on November 13th, 2017 in Taylor Herring News.

  • Greggs will bring festive cheer for fans with its first ever advent calendar!
  • Daily treats from the menu can be redeemed every day in the countdown to Christmas Day
  • Calendar features Greggs-themed pictures behind each door and a gift card on 24th Dec

Download: Pictures free for editorial use from here

NEWS! Food-on-the-go retailer Greggs are set to release a treat-filled limited-edition advent calendar, billed as  ‘the ultimate Christmas gift for every Greggs fan’.

Each door reveals a tear-off token that can be taken into Greggs’ shops and exchanged for a different treat every day from its Christmas and wider menu, including the Festive Bake, flavoured lattes, sweet mince pie and a sausage roll (of course).

On Christmas Eve, a £5 gift card sits behind door 24 – but for some lucky customers they will find a surprise £25 gift card.

A limited number of the calendars will go on sale in selected Greggs’ shops across the UK from Monday 20th November until stocks last, priced at £24 (RRP).

The cover image features the much-loved Festive Bake in a cheery Santa Claus themed bag and bears the jolly greeting ‘Merry Greggsmas.’

Each door reveals a festive scene with a uniquely Greggs twist, such as kissing a Festive Bake under the mistletoe, a Christmas tree adorned with mini gingerbread tree biscuits and shepherds paying a nativity homage to a sausage roll in a manger.

A Greggs spokesperson said; “Novelty advent calendars have been around for years, so we thought it was time to take the concept up a notch. Fans won’t be disappointed by what’s behind the doors – there’s a delicious Greggs gift to enjoy every day of the December advent season, from sausage rolls to Christmas sandwiches and of course our infamous Festive Bake. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for every Greggs fan.”

Worth between £36-£60, the advent calendar vouchers can be redeemed in shops from 1st December up to and including 24th December 2017. Gift cards are valid for up to 12 months.

Attempt at a poem composed only from campaign titles from the PR Week Awards shortlist 2017

Posted on October 17th, 2017 in Poetry.

Visualising the voice
Catching the butterflies
Cutting through the silence
Giving British masculinity a new voice
Being teenage in the digital age.

@DangerousSnail25 has a secret

The magic of mobile tickets
The power of nice
The year of the fix
The real Mr. Darcy.

We’ve got a workout for that

Fight today for more tomorrows
Follow our foodsteps
Bring in your parents
Break the silence
B rent-free.

There’s a new quid on the block

The dining club
The emotionally powered shop
The mobile billboard
The garden of light.

Santa forgot

Darts: The Ballet
The wipeable onesie
The world’s most eligible bachelor
Kevin the carrot.

From selfie to self-expression

The joy of sticks
The future of work is human
The world’s biggest recruitment programme
The £2million challenge.


Carlsberg pubstitutions
Cyber investigator Chronicles
Innovation hacks
Totes IKEA.

Going for gold.


congrats to all the nominees

[by @itsjamesherring]