Talent & Influencers

creating stand-out coverage for your brand

Taylor Herring have a long history of collaborating with talent to create award winning campaigns that directly impact against the bottom line.

In recent years, we have seen ‘influencer campaigns’ become a buzz-worthy box ticking exercise of epic proportions, often with little or no strategic thought as to what the content might look like or indeed how engaging or news worthy it might be.

Our approach is simple – collaborate to create credible, engaging and news worthy content that transcends simple ‘follower metrics’ to influence consumer behaviour.

We devised and executed the most successful phone launch in Samsung’s UK history by teaming the brand up with the star magician Dynamo.

We worked closely with Dynamo and his creative team to create a bespoke series of magic videos and pictures under the banner ‘Everyday Illusions’ for the Samsung Galaxy S7 launch.

We brokered the unlikely alliance between the cheeky bookmaker Paddy Power and Professor Stephen Hawking to celebrate the 2014 World Cup.

Whether it’s working with household names, Vloggers, bloggers or micro influencers – the creative idea remains the single most important part of any viable influencer strategy.

If you are looking to to bring some starpower to your brand campaign or product launch we can manage the whole process from match-making to content creation and social media amplification.

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