Branded Content

newsworthy branded content

Creating engaging and shareable branded content is at the heart of the Taylor Herring proposition.

Over the past five years, we have created, directed and produced newsworthy (and award-winning) multi-platform content for some of the UK’s biggest brands.

The content we produce brings our client's stories to life in the most engaging way possible

Video content

In the last four years alone we have accrued numerous industry awards and notched up over 60 million views for the video content we have produced.

From directing digital advertising campaigns for the likes of Samsung, Kwik fit and Thorpe Park to creating press packs and branded A&B roll to accompany news stories; video content is now integral to every campaign we work on - being the single most engaging way to communicate brand messaging.

Our 2015 Christmas advert for Kwik Fit landed the number 2 spot in the Campaign magazine’s top ten most engaging ads ahead of the likes of Waitrose, Tesco and John Lewis.

In tandem with our video work, we have recently become an official Google Partner meaning that we are able to activate paid media spend campaigns to support content when it is needed.

read more about our more about video division here


We have designed, edited and published content for a broad mix of clients.

In 2016, we devised the creative for a brand new original Winnie the Pooh storyline (‘The Royal Birthday’) which was developed and published by Disney as part of our broader WTP Brand campaign.

Additional publishing credits include the creation of free digital recipe books for Samsung and a series of paperback ‘thought leadership’ books focusing on workplace creativity and creative cultures for our long standing client UKTV.

Products, Props and Events

We love producing stuff - and that can be anything from creating a bespoke fitness workout regime for an automotive engineering company to devising the concept for a new TV show or feeding into the creative for a new multi-million pound theme park ride.

In the last year alone, we have designed and created a range of political protest T-shirts for leading fashion retailer Lyst, created a state-of-the art dog kennel for Samsung and designed a new range of topical Xmas crackers for comedy channel GOLD.

We also created an award winning series of workout classes for Kwik Fit which were open to the public who were encouraged to get Fit Kwik with Kwik Fit.

We work with many of our clients at the outset of their campaigns enabling us to feed into initial product concepts – we recently provided creative character props for Derren Brown’s new multi-million pound virtual reality ride at Thorpe Park and provided long standing client UKTV with the creative template for a live ghost hunt which consistently rates as one of the most viewed shows on their channel ‘Really’. 


Naturally, we are dab hands at creating visual content to bring a story to life and creating simple, yet engaging graphics that actually get published and don’t just exist as a lone piece of content on your owned channels – our recent ‘Mystery of the Lost socks’ infographic to promote a new Samsung Washing Machine was published across 50+ UK news sites