The Future Of City Delivery

marking the rebrand of whistl


We helped delivery company whistl (formerly known as TNT Post) devise and launch a revolutionary new trial service, which would coincide with the rebrand of the company.

The Campaign:

We brokered a deal with Air Wheel for an exclusive UK partnership, ahead of their consumer launch.

Specially selected whistl staff would be trained to operate the eco-friendly unicycle, with the aim of providing a speedier and more efficient service to customers by utilising the AirWheel’s nifty capabilities.

Posties from whistl took to the streets of London, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham creating a stir amongst onlookers and we created a video to capture the reactions.

A self-balancing rechargeable electric unicycle, the AirWheel Q3 model has a 20 mile range and a top speed of 12mph – perfect for speedy deliveries through urban areas.

The AirWheel is steered via an internal gyro-stabiliser with riders leaning forward or back to control speed.


- Coverage was achieved in 25 key media outlets including The Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, MSN and Yahoo.

- Over 100,000 video views were achieved on YouTube.

- Thousands of potential customers witnessed the branded devices zipping through the business districts of 4 of the UK’s busiest cities.