The Producers

Dancing Nazis and a 16 Tonne World War 2 Tank Upstage UKIP Party Conference

The Brief

Adam Spiegel Productions asked us to launch the new touring stage of The Producers with a bang.

The Idea

Upstage the opening morning of the UKIP Party conference with dancing 'Nazis' and a 16 tonne World War II tank.


The stunt was timed to land 30 minutes before conference began, filling the news vacuum.

Dancers in hot pants, Jackboots and insignia astonished delegates unveiling the party's General Election campaign manifesto in Margate, Kent.


Members of the anti-European Union party were left open mouthed as the song ‘Springtime For Hitler’ blared from a P.A system on the German World War II’s tank turret.

Dancers performed a choreographed goose-stepping routine in front of the Winter Gardens as the party attempted to greet the media ahead of the three-day conference.


The stunt trended on Twitter on the opening morning of conference and set the news agenda for the day.

Coverage highlights included Daily Mail, The Times, Guardian, BBC, Daily Telegraph, Evening Standard and Daily Mirror.

6 pieces of national TV coverage were achieved.

Full credited news items on Channel 4, Sky News and ITV bulletins.