Launching TLC

a brand new entertainment channel


Taylor Herring were appointed to lead the PR campaign for the UK launch of TLC on behalf of Discovery Networks International. The campaign was divided into three main parts:

 - Press Office Support

- A Celelebrity Launch Party

- Series Publicity

Widespread coverage across the campaign was achieved in national print, broadcast and online outlets, resulting in a total of over 160 print items, 13 broadcast items and 393 online articles secured.

Press Office Support: Pre Launch

We kicked off the campaign with an announcement about the launch of TLC which was followed by 25 desk visits and face to face briefings with key TV and consumer press at national publications.

Coverage helped build excitement around the channel in the 3 weeks prior to launch.

At every stage we worked hand-in-hand with the in house team.

 Launch Event

Taylor Herring worked with TLC to deliver a stylish, glamorous, channel-focused launch party four days before the on-air launch.

We worked with the in house team to write the brief and stage a pitch for potential production companies.

Our role included consultancy on event production, securing press attendees, running a red carpet junket for channel and guest talent and celebrity booking management.

 Series Publicity Results

 Honey Boo Boo Coverage Snapshot

Customised 'Boo Boo sunglasses' were delivered to key TV writers...

Ultimate Shopper Coverage Snapshot

Breaking Amish Coverage Snapshot