Staging A Hidden-Camera Opera In Waitrose

Viral stunt for pesto brand scores 4 Million Organic YouTube views

As part of our work for, premium Italian food producer, Sacla’ we staged a hidden-camera opera production in a busy, central London supermarket and filmed the event for release on Sacla’s own channels and YouTube.

Shoppers at the John Lewis Oxford Street Foodhall from Waitrose were surprised and delighted to find themselves immersed in the experience as five secret opera singers disguised as casual shoppers and supermarket staff broke into song.

The video has chalked up over 4 Million views.

From soaring soprano to booming baritone, the singers’ stunning performance delighted the unsuspecting customers whose confused and surprised reactions were captured covertly on fixed Go-Pro and hand held cameras.

We went to great lengths to ensure the event played as a completely random event – all cameras were operated remotely and placed in ceilings and amongst the food aisles and all the filming staff remained behind the scenes to ensure the element of surprise remained true.

Moreoever, whist the store management were in on the stunt, the real floor staff were not let in on the secret and were as surprised as everybody else when the first lunch time shopper burst into song.

Key players in the ‘Shopera’ event included a builder, a fishmonger, a business man shopping for lunch and a shelf stacker.

Clare Blampied, MD of Sacla’ UK, who organised the Shopera, said: “Sacla’ aims to bring home the spirit of Italy, and inject some Italian passion and flair into the everyday lives of people in the UK – what better way to demonstrate this than with a Shopera! We had such fun making this film; we might even do it again!” 

Our thanks to Us London and Nice and Polite - who directed and produced - and especially to the good folks at the John Lewis PR dept for being so wonderfully accomodating.