Movie star transformations

a brand re-launch for Sky Cinema

We were tasked by Sky to drive talkability around the launch of their new channel Sky Cinema, formerly Sky Movies.

We engaged one of the world’s leading make up talents, and engaged her to produce some incredible movie transformations.

Our artist transformed herself into four Hollywood stars– Daniel Craig, Meryl Streep, Tom Hiddleston and Harrison Ford - all of whom would be featuring in the opening season.

Lucia’s transformations were featured in high circulation outlets including Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Metro, Sun, Fabulous, Record Online, Digital Spy, Yahoo Beauty,,  Female First , TNT and The List.

In total – coverage reached 475,762,913 users online.

The campaign also engaged YouTube influencer Marcus Butler, who posted on Twitter and Youtube reaching his 2.81 million followers and 4,524,156 subscribers respectively.

Overall, tweets containing target keywords and “Sky Cinema” reached over 8.5 million Twitter impressions.