Fishmonger Shark Attack

building viral buzz for Sharknado 2


Syfy asked us to help them build excitement and internet buzz around the release of 'Sharknado 2: The Second One.'

The Idea

In the B-movie massive tornadoes cause sharks to rain down from the sky terrorising cities.

Where better to stage a shark prank video than a fishmongers'!

The video would include a branded trailer for the release and we would be freely available to larger news sites to run in their own players or to embed via YouTube.


The 'prankvert' features an animatronic shark which was installed in a popular seafood shop and unleashed on suspecting shoppers.

A team of artists and animatronic wizards spent two weeks creating the lifelike shark and then embedded it on a fish counter along with the sides of salmon and fillets of haddock.

Shoppers at Steve Hatt in Islington looking to top up on their Omega 3 got the shock of their lives as the shark centrepiece first twitched – and then thrashed about on the counter, snapping its jaws, making customers scream, jump, laugh and even flee the shop in terror.

We placed hidden cameras in strategic locations throughout the shop, before launching their beast on some very surprised early morning shoppers, offering them a taste of what it might be like to experience a Sharknado!

A Paramedic was on hand to deal with anyone who found the fishy surprise too shocking.



100+ pieces of news coverage on major online sites.

The video was featured on some of the biggest sites in the UK including Mail Online, The Mirror, Metro, Evening Standard, Daily Star, Buzzfeed and others.

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