Return of The Secret Lemonade Drinker

recreating the iconic R.Whites advert with the original 70's cast

The Brief

Frederick’s Dairies approached us to deliver an engaging, impactful campaign to launch their new R.Whites lemonade lolly on behalf of brand owner Britvic.

The campaign would need to appeal to core supermarket consumers - 35+ Mums and Dads.

The Idea

Working closely alongside the marketing team at Frederick's we decided to reunite the 70's stars of the original advert by recreating the iconic 'Secret Lemonade Drinker' commercial - one of the longest running and best-loved campaigns in UK television history.

Our tribute film would get a TV premiere with a launch slot on comedy channel Gold to provide an added news hook.

Cast interviews and photoshoot would provide the additional collateral required.

What happened

Within a few days of the idea being signed off we had made contact with Julian Chagrin who we tracked down in Israel where he has resided for the past 20 years.

Since performing in the ad he had written and directed a number short films to critical acclaim.

However Harriet  Philpin, his co-star was harder to find to find.

Conventional talent, online and social media searches for Harriet failed to uncover her whereabouts.

In the end, we made a public appeal which caught the attention of Harriet’s son in London, who contacted his mother at her home in a remote village in Ireland.

With Harriet located we engaged a production company and set a date for the shoot 3 days later. 

The Film

The film opens with actor Julian Chagrin (72) creeping down the stairs in the middle of the night to a new ‘I’m a Secret Lemonade Licker’ song.

Julian performs his original moves from the 1973 advert and is caught prancing around the kitchen in front of his ever disapproving onscreen wife, actress Harriet Philpin (60).

Watch it here...


To date (18.5.12) coverage has appeared in The Sun, Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Sunday Express with further articles in The Times, Daily Mail Online,  Evening Standard and  Irish Independent

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