The Future Living Report

how we launched Samsung's SmartThings in the UK


 Samsung UK briefed Taylor Herring to create a multi-platform campaign which would help build fame and awareness for Samsung SmartThings around their UK launch


The product SmartThings allows people to remotely control elements within their homes, such as switching on lights, turning up the thermostat or unlocking the backdoor, all via a simple app on their phones – a lifestyle innovation which would have been considered inconceivable for most of us 25 years ago. 

As the product represented the dawn of ‘futuristic living’ today in the here and now, we decided to root our creative in a report looking at how we may live in the future – up to 100 years’ from now.

 We started by engaging a panel of experts to help create a 360 degree campaign which included a full research report, bespoke architectural imagery and video content

The Campaign:

Leading space scientist Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock teamed up with a panel of experts including award-winning architects and lecturers at the University of Westminster, Arthur Mamou-Mani and Toby Burgess; as well as urbanists, Linda Aitken and Els Leclerq; to create the SmartThings Future Living Report.

Dr Aderin-Pocock also acted as the campaign spokesperson, conducting interviews with a number of broadcast outlets including Sky Sunrise and BBC World Service, as well as presenting the accompanying video.

Super skyscrapers, underwater bubble cities and hyper-flexible living spaces were amongst the future living predictions outlined in the report.

In addition to the report, we also polled 2,000 British adults to find out which predictions they thought most likely to become a reality.

Virtual work meetings and commercial flights into space were voted most likely to happen.

We enlisted the help of architectural illustrators who produced fully-rendered images of 4 different future visions, including colonizing another planet.

Super skyscrapers: carbon nanotubes and diamond nanothreads will help us create towering megastructures that will dwarf today’s skyscrapers

Underwater cities: are likely to become a reality – using the water itself to create breathable atmospheres and generating hydrogen fuel through the process

Personal flying drones replacing cars and travelling holiday home: some of us will be travelling skyways with our own personal flying drones instead of using cars, with ‘drone mules’ strong enough to carry entire homes around the world for holidays, for a true ‘home away from home’ vacation experience

Colonise space: first the Moon, then Mars and then far beyond into the galaxy


A video was also made availlable to media.

The Result:

The news story and pictures were widely distributed to media and was picked up by publications including The Metro, The Mirror, The Sun, The Star, The Express, The Independent, The Daily Record, as well as 3 pieces on the MailOnline and other popular sites such as AOL, BT and ITV.

100+ pieces of coverage across print, online and broadcast media – including 7 x national print and 12 broadcast interviews including Sky Sunrise and BBC World Service.