Creative communications for Pimm's

lead creative agency

As part of our ongoing work for Pimm’s, we create campaigns that champion Great British idiosyncrasies and traditions.

Our remit includes media relations, social activation, branded content creation and consultancy.

The 2016 campaign was a great success with over 1,600 pieces of coverage resulting in 877 million OTS (opportunities to see) across the four main campaign strands, which spanned from April to August.

The Patron’s Lunch

 We activated Pimm’s event sponsorship of The Patron’s Lunch – the ‘official street party’ for 10,000 guests on The Mall, to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday.  

 Activity encompassed two months of press office and social media management, spokesperson engagement, photo and video stunts, as well as managing on-site activity for the Pimm’s area at the event itself.

 Prior to the event, activity included announcements about the inclusion of Pimm’s cans in the official event hampers – which Ben Shephard even enjoyed during a feature on the hampers live on This Morning.

 Widespread coverage of the event included photos of our bespoke Pimm’s hat that we commissioned a milliner to create, ambassador Alexander Armstrong’s presence at the Pimm’s table and our very own ‘Pimm’s footman’, who engaged with guests throughout the event – as well as a video message from Pimm’s patrons that played out on the big screens on the day, wishing the Queen a very happy birthday.

 The mix of stories resulted in over 1,400 pieces of coverage about Pimm’s at The Patron’s Lunch, with total video views of 1.4 million on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.


In the run up to Wimbledon fortnight, a British institution intrinsically linked with Pimm’s, we created a brand new job role for woman of the hour, Judy Murray.

Following her 2015 tweet about the extra mint in her Pimm’s, we named her our CFO – or Chief Foliage Officer – for this year’s tournament.

We announced the new role alongside images, a training video demonstrating the ideal amount of mint and interviews with Judy.

The story garnered over 75 pieces of coverage including the Sunday Telegraph, The Times, The Sun and Mail Online. The video also achieved over 732,000 views to date.


We celebrated the launch of Pimm’s Cider Cup by putting a Pimm’s twist on another British tradition – croquet.

We engaged Joe Jaques, great-great-grandson of the inventor of croquet, and Alexander Armstrong to launch the ‘Pimm’s Cider Extreme Croquet Cup’, in response to our research which found that traditional British pastimes, including croquet, were dying out.

Croquet games were played at the White Cliffs of Dover, a boat on the Thames and The View from The Shard, where we also opened a pop-up croquet experience for four weeks – during which 5,500 consumers sampled Pimm’s Cider Cup too.

The activity secured 75 pieces of coverage in total, including in-depth interviews with Alexander Armstrong and Joe Jaques in the Sunday Telegraph, Female First and Country Life – with the press video being viewed over 720,000 to date.

April Fools’ Day

To kick off the summer, we staged an elaborate April Fools’ prank announcing the ultimate ‘Pimm’s O’Clock’, as Pimm’s revealed a new sponsorship deal with the UK’s most famous timepiece, Big Ben.

Teaming up with news-reading legend Peter Sissons, we released a spoof news report video as well as photoshopped images of the new branded clock-face.

With 215,000 views on YouTube, it was the site’s top trending video of the day – without a penny of seeding – and another million people watched it on Facebook.

The story also resulted in 55 pieces of print and online coverage.