Cheltenham Festival launch for Paddy Power

putting a jockey on the Uffington Horse


Bookmakers, Paddy Power, appointed Taylor Herring in Spring 2012 to create an audacious picture story to mark the start of Cheltenham Festival.

Naturally the idea needed to encapsulate the personality of Paddy Power and coverage in high profile websites would be key for the online betting brand.

The Concept

Following a competitive pitch we settled on the idea of installing a temporary jockey onto Britain's famous Uffington White Horse and the idea went into development.

What Happened

  • The design for the rider would need to be entirely in keeping with the original artwork and we commissioned a graphic artist from The Poke to deliver the initial photoshop.
  • The creation itself would be constructed from over 200 metres of lightweight canvas, pre-cut into five separate pieces to produce the 100 ft tall and 200 ft wide installation.
  • It would be pinned to the ground with tiny tent pegs, 5 ft from the original chalk markings to ensure that the original site remained undisturbed.
  • A recce was conducted ahead of the installation to gauge the layout and two dates were pencilled for execution.
  • A timed test run for the final execution was carried out in London’s Ealing Park a few days beforehand.
  • A final date was selected based on a 5-day report from the Met Office – frost, wind and rain all had to be taken into consideration.
  • We chartered a helicopter and prayed for good weather.
  • Our production team took to the hill under the cover of darkness in and spent six hours completing the installation.
  • Paddy Power would make a donation to the National Trust.


The Uffington Jockey: Revealed!

The Sell-in

In addition to wiring out the images and selling in the news to media we also created a ‘Making of’ video which was made available to media on the morning that the stunt was revealed.


Coverage appeared in the Sunday Times, The Independent and Daily Star, Sky and BBC News.

We secured over 150 pieces of online coverage including Daily Mail, The Sun, Daily Mirror, Metro, Daily Telegraph and Daily Record.

The total reach of the campaign is estimated at over 300 million and five days on from the release of our ‘Making-of’ video on YouTube, the jockey has generated over 100,000 YouTube hits.

The story became a talking point, trending on Twitter and garnering numerous comments online.

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