Finding Britain's Lost Socks

launching Samsung's new Addwash machine

Samsung tasked us to launch their new smart washing machine, the AddWash, with an engaging campaign that would drive awareness of both the new machine and also Samsung within the home appliances sector.

The PR campaign needed to be both fun and uplifting. The machine itself has a unique second door which allows things to be added mid-wash; this was the defining feature of the machine and the story.

We thought about what would need to be added mid-wash, and identified socks as the main culprit.

This created our news hook; we would position the AddWash as the solution for lost socks across the UK.

We tasked leading psychologists and statisticians to determine factors in our washing habits; the attention we pay, the frequency we do washes, the amount of people we wash for, the amount of clothes we wash etc.

Having identified these psychological factors, they developed a formula to predict the probability of sock loss – a formula everyone reading the story could do themselves.

Having created the formula we created an infographic to demonstrate it and kept that visual theme consistent with the video we created for the campaign as well.

Our video combined every aspect of the campaign; we spoke to people on the street about odd socks, employed Brendan Walker to present the idea and talk through the formula. We interspersed the video with clips from a household of people using the washing machine.


The campaign did exceptionally well; landing coverage in a number of massive outlets including the Daily Mail, The Sun and Huffington Post.

The campaign generated almost 120 pieces of coverage, had a fully booked radio day and maintained key messaging throughout the campaign.