A Spoon-bending breakfast at Westfield

Kellog's on-pack promotion activation


Kellogg's challenged us to put on a fun event which would promote their new on-pack promotion - starring Uri Geller.

The cereal giant were offering customers the chance to get their hands on their very own free personalised spoon as part of an on-pack promotion spanning Special K, Corn Flakes, Crunchy Nut and more.

Featuring on up to 120 million cereal boxes across 32 countries to redeem their spoon customers need to collect codes from three special packs and go online to the Kellogg’s Spoon Workshop,

The Idea

We planned an event at Westfield shopping centre along with a spoon bending masterclass and breakfast with famed mystifier Uri Geller.

An eye-catching Game of Thrones inspired throne was also built using hundreds of bent spoons and the public were invited to take photos on the spectacular creation.

The event was promoted through extensive media interviews.

The event drew a strong crowd who were enthralled by Uri's mystical abilities and delighted with a free breakfast on which they could start a day's shopping.


The event was previewed with Uri Geller interviews in a wide variety of media including The London Evening Standard, The Sunday Telegraph and The Daily Express.

The day itself attracted social media buzz thanks to the large crowds, the novelty of a free spoon and the presence of Uri Geller.