A magical launch for the Samsung Galaxy S7

on the street with Dynamo


Taylor Herring devised and executed a multi-platform influencer campaign featuring star magician Dynamo to launch the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge phones in the Spring of this year:

Case Study Video

Our challenge was to devise a newsworthy creative which would resonate with their core millennial audience whilst ensuring the product was integral to the idea

The campaign, entitled S7 Everyday Illusions was designed to amplify and hero the advanced camera functionality of the new Galaxy S7 & S7 edge phones which includes a super-fast shutter speed, low-level lighting capability and speedy auto-focus.

Dynamo, who has captivated millions with his incredible feats on TV series Magician Impossible worked closely with Taylor Herring to create a series of seven ‘Everyday Illusions’ using the phone.

The final images utilise a mixture of "forced perspective" techniques, combined with everyday items and a handful of simple, easily-made props to create the simple photographic illusions.

All of the video and picture assets were shot using the S7 phones ensuring our product was at the heart of our story throughout the campaign.

From floating above the London skyline using an umbrella to shrinking himself to the size of a pint glass to jumping crowds of people on a pedal bike – the series of clever illusions plays with perspective and perception to create a stunning series of shots which the magician insists anyone can achieve.

The campaign, which launched ahead of the on-sale date, utilised Dynamo’s social channels to amplify the content.

We hosted a series of ‘Pop-up magic shows’ in a number of locations across the UK relevant to Samsung’s brand (Samsung Store, Carphone Warehouse, O2 stores etc) to give fans an opportunity to see Dynamo up close and personal.

Seven new magic tricks which were shot and designed using the new phones were drip fed across social and editorial media maximising the use of Dynamo’s owned channels. Four of the seven videos directly featured the product – new tricks where Dynamo crated illusions using the phone as the core prop


  • 7 Million+ video views (totally organic to date – promoted spend starts in mid-June)
  • 31 million Twitter impressions
  • 400+ pieces of fully branded coverage including a Mirror front page, Balance Magazine cover and Mail online lead story. Reach of 50,126,794 reach - 99% positive in tone, strong messaging (see doc).
  • 8 National print titles – all with fully branded embedded video online. Key online: Mail Online, Mirror Online, Metro Online, Huffington Post, The Sun Online, Unilad, Yahoo
  • Direct impact on sales: Pre orders for the phone were up 300% compared to the S6
  • Sales of the S7 were up 50% in the first week and 30% throughout the campaign period year on year (compared to the S6 launch). The client said ‘The most creative and engaging influencer campaign we have ever worked on – incredible results that directly impacted on sales of the S7. The press coverage and unique content helped us to smash all our targets - market share, pre-orders, and sales - all in a market that is completely saturated with mobile phones’.