Cadbury Flake 99

the taste of the Great British Summer


The Brief:

Fredericks Dairies, producers of Cadbury Flake 99 ice cream, tasked Taylor Herring with creating a series of noisy initiatives to drive awareness (and ultimately sales) of the iconic British ice cream.

Campaign 1: The Flake 99 hat

We wanted to deliver an irresistible photo opportunity that would make a splash at the world famous Ascot Ladies Day.

We decided to treat chocolate lovers to a nibble of a custom-made, edible Cadbury Flake 99 hat.

Stunning model Freya Berry (29) wowed fashion conscious crowds in a 4ft creation that was produced to celebrate the anniversary of the Flake 99 ice cream brand.

We hired Judy Bentinck, an expert milliner trained by HRH the Queen’s entourage, who took over 6 weeks, working day and night to create the striking piece.

The process involved intricately layering coloured mesh to create the cone and adding creamy satin for the ice cream. The Chocolate curls effect was achieved by using material that had previously been part of one of the Queen Mother’s hats. Racing fans could sample real chocolate flake pieces embedded in the hat itself.


The hat was featured in nearly every national newspaper the following day and became one of the main talking points of the event


Campaign 2: Cadbury Flake 99 Great British Beach Awards

To launch the inaugural Cadbury Flake 99 Great British Beach Awards, we recruited a panel of travel experts including members of Lonely Planet, British Surfing Association, the Daily Mail's Travel Editor and VisitBritain to work with us to shortlist 25 beaches around the UK. 

The locations selected were not only chosen for their natural beauty, but provided great family entertainment and of course delicious ice cream outlets.

TV presenter Jeff Brazier was hired to launch the awards and undertook a day of radio interviews to promote the shortlisted beaches and encourage listeners to vote for their favourite.

Alongside this, we set up a voting mechanic through the Cadbury Flake 99 website to direct people to and cast their choice. 

Over 7,500 people voted across a 3 week period and the winning beach (Rhossili Bay in Wales) was presented with a specially commissioned Flake 99 trophy.

The subject matter proved to be one with much competition, with the Beach Awards competing with the Blue Flag winners and the Marine Conservation Society’s Good Beach Awards being announced in the same time frame. However, ours was a fun campaign to raise awareness around the Cadbury Flake 99 brand during National Ice Cream Week and this translated well through both national and regional media.



8 x national newspaper articles, 29 x regional broadcast items, 15 x regional print articles and 50+ online sites

Campaign reached over 123 million people with an AVE of £140,000


Campaign 3: Rollercoaster Viral

Taylor Herring produced a short online video which paid homage to one of the greatest Jim’ll Fix It clips – Scouts eating their lunch on a rollercoaster  - but this time challenged ice cream fans to loop the loop holding on to their Flake 99’s.

 A production company was commissioned to cast a range of people to ride one of Blackpool’s fastest rides.

Working with the team at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, cameras were specially rigged up to capture the riders from all angles and watch them travelling at speeds of over 40mph and pulling 3G’s, whilst being splattered in a veritable blizzard of ice cream.

 The video was then edited down to a 1 minute clip and seeded onto various sites, to promote the You Tube hosted clip.


The video went viral within two weeks of release and to date, has been viewed over 290,000 times.