Minimise Me

How we launched the Greggs Diet


Food-on-the-go retailer Greggs wanted a bold campaign to showcase and build awareness of their expanding Balanced Choice range to consumers.

What would happen if you just ate Greggs for 30 days?

 The Challenge

The Greggs menu has included a wide range of healthy options since 2014.

However, the brand remains incredibly famous for their heritage bakery products such as sausage rolls and steak bakes.

Passion for these items tends to steal the media limelight, gaining a disproportionate share of voice and social chatter.

We would need a radical idea to put the new Summer menu front and centre with the media and consumers.

Creative Development

We knew that ‘beach-ready’ regimes are a popular editorial topic in the run up to the Summer holiday season and our independent research identified July 3rd as the start of the Great British Beach diet.

So could we build a Summer diet plan from the Balanced Choice range and steal some of the attention from those celebrity weight loss gurus that hog the media limelight at this time of year?

We scrutinised the dieting trends of recent years, looking at those that had broken through into popular culture and landed on Morgan Spurlock’s shock-doc ‘Supersize Me’ (in which the filmmaker piled on the pounds by eating just fast food).

We wondered. What would happen if someone exclusively from the Greggs menu for 30 days and filmed the journey?

We were confident that the low-calorie menu options would deliver results but could we pull off ‘a reverse Spurlock?’


We sought out four members of the public who were looking to shed a few pounds.

Folk who could benefit from some coaching to make informed healthier food choices alongside a more active lifestyle.

Dieters would be selected from applicants who had weight-loss goals ahead of the summer and could be provided with tailored exercise and meal plans.

With casting complete we picked four dieters including a new mum, a bride-to-be, a sales rep and a teacher all with hectic lifestyles.

The Diet

To maintain credibility for the project we would also need an independent dietician on board.

We commissioned Laura Clark (BSC, RD, PgCert) to devise a 30-day, tasty eating plan constructed entirely from the Greggs menu.

The eating plan would include nutritionally balanced choice options (under 400 calories) as well as treats.

We wanted the experiment to be enjoyable and fun.

It would be the only diet on the market that included a sausage roll on the plan.

The Film/The Journey

We would produce our own documentary film “Minimise Me” (for release on YouTube) which would chart the journey of the four.

On the first day of production our subjects would have a 90-minute consultation our nutritionist and personal trainer.

Relevant measurements including weight, BMI and body measurements were taken.

We ran a training session with our contributors teaching them how to self-shoot a video diaries of their journey, the rudiments of videography and how to upload clips onto a dropbox site so we could review regularly footage.

Throughout the month – dieters would have a weekly progress chat with Laura (via Skype) to keep them motivated and adjust their meal plans if required.

Execution and Outcome

Our Greggs dieters collectively lost an incredible 12 kg in weight and 14 inches from their waists in just 30 days.

Their personal video diaries, together with meal-plans, before and after photography and tips and insights from Laura Clark were published at

Minimise Me was released on YouTube and Greggs Facebook and Twitter channels.

Interviews with contributors, our dietician and Greggs spokesperson were set up with the media.



  • 179 high value media articles about the campaign including The Sun, The Mirror, Daily Mail, Metro, Daily Star, Daily Telegraph, Shortlist, Lad Bible and Cosmopolitan.
  • 88.5 Million opportunities to see
  • 42% of all UK adults reached
  • 57 regional articles and 22 Broadcast items including Capital and Heart.
  • 5 Million video views.
  • The documentary topped the YouTube UK Trending Chart in week of release.
  • 595% increase to Greggs web traffic during the campaign period.
  • 13,000 unique users visited the microsite.
  • The Food and Drink Federation praised the initiative at their Summer convention.
  • The Institute of Grocery Distribution has also recognised the Balanced Choice range as having a positive impact on the health and wellness of the nation.


Greggs’ Balanced Choice range (and sausage rolls) is now available in 1,800 shops nationwide.


We created a compelling and cost-effective campaign, which demonstrated the depth and breadth of Gregg’s offering.

We drove a perception and behavioural change in our audience, creatively delivered in an inspired, bold, disruptive spirit, to affirm Greggs as an innovative, forward-thinking retailer.