PR for Fanta

building Halloween buzz

As part of ongoing work for Coca-Cola we helped Fanta launch their biggest ever Halloween campaign, featuring two new flavours, Blood Orange and Pink Grapefruit, limited-edition can and bottles designs and an experiential event, Twisted Carnival.

To announce the launch of the new flavours across audiences, we led with a social video creative supported by a robust press office approach which delivered 100+ high value media articles.

Working with influencers, Joe Tasker and Jahannah James, we surprised unsuspecting supermarket shoppers by disguising them amongst the fruit, dressed in tailor made Blood Orange and Pink Grapefruit fruit suits.

With 1.7 million views and a total reach of 3 million, the video was one of Fanta’s best performing assets.

In the week of the video going live, our product launch campaign was activated which resulted in 41 high value media articles for the new products.

To drive excitement and anticipation for Fanta’s Twisted Carnival, an experimental event appearing in towns across the UK, we unleashed one of the characters onto the public to test out reactions.

Commuters looked on in disbelief as a sinister ghoul was spotted riding the Jubilee Line, on Oxford Street and at other tourist hotspots across the capital in a vintage rocking chair.

Photos of the ghoul were distributed to press resulting in 50+ pieces of coverage helped to drive footfall to the immersive experience at Thorpe Park, Westfield London, Birmingham’s Bullring and Liverpool One.