Launching the Fiat 500 Pink

online buzz building

Taylor Herring worked with Fiat's marketing agency Krow to deliver an engaging stunt to celebrate the launch of the Fiat 500 pink.

Over the course of three days our artist would painstakingly transform a white car into a pink work of art using 200 pots of pink nail varnish.

The attempt would be streamed live and non-stop live over the internet, on Fiat's website, - delivering the world's longest online advert

The artist lived  in a specially converted studio in Clapham, south London, while he completed the mammoth task. 

He communicates to the viewers around the world using social networking site Twitter and Facebook.

Thousands of internet fans tuned in to watched the attempt following coverage in key online sites including Daily Mail, The Sun, Daily Telegraph, Heat and What Car.