Cadbury Dairy Milk Ice Cream

bringing back the lolly stick joke


Fredericks Dairies tasked Taylor Herring with developing a returnable campaign for Cadburys Dairy Milk Ice Cream.

The initiative would need to drive consumers to a pop-up ice cream bar.

The Idea

We’d conducted customer research which found that 66% of British ice cream fans would love to see the return of the lolly stick joke.

So - in 2013 Cadburys would introduce original, new lolly-stick jokes in their ice creams and would seeking the perfect new gag to kick-start the project.

Short form text mediums have focused people on delivering bite size wit proving that a joke doesn’t have to be long to be good.

Twitter, with its 140 character limit, would be the perfect platform to launch the initiative.

We would announced the launch of the competition with three top Twitter partners, The Poke, Chortle and Twop Twips, to drive entries.

All entries would be judged by a panel of experts led by author and comedy expert Bruce Dessau.

After a public vote the winner would scoop a £5000 prize and their gag will be immortalised onto an 18 carat gold lolly stick for a lucky punter to win at their London pop-up ice cream shop on Covent Garden’s piazza.

What Happened

More than 2,000 entries came via Twitter as micro bloggers flexed their humour muscles in search of a £5,000 prize.

The winning joke was penned by Charlie Thomas a Newcastle scaffolder by day and part of a Rat Pack tribute act by night.

His winning joke - ‘Who is in charge of the hankies? The hankie-chief’.


Coverage appeared in The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Week, Huffington Post, British Comedy Guide, Sky News, Giggle Beats and dozens of regional outlets

With Bruce Dessau as our spokesperson, broadcast coverage was achieved across 17 radio stations.

25,000 people attended the Covent Garden event.

The total reach of the campaign stands at an estimated 180 million.