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Transfer Deadline Day: Game of Thrones

Posted on February 1st, 2016 in Sport PR,stuff we liked,Stunt Of The Day,Television Industry PR,Television PR.

*** Warning: Spoiler alert! ***

Transfer Deadline Day is upon us and we’re all looking forward to the high-paced drama, unexpected personnel changes and the excitement radiating from Jim White’s iconic golden tie… But it’s not the Premier League we’re referring to.

Those of you who have taken a ride on the emotional roller-coaster that is Game of Thrones, will be somewhat familiar with the random roulette of feelings, varying between love, betrayal, heartache and pure shock (often all in the same scene!).


For once however, it is us (and not Jon Snow), who know nothing. Seriously… We really do know nothing. Is Arya actually blind? Is Jon really dead? Will the weird fire witch bring him back to life? Will Cersei get what’s coming to her? And most importantly, will Tyrion finally settle down with a nice lady-friend?


Enter Jim White, who’s been kind enough to offer some experienced insight into the comings and goings of Westeros…

Whether you’re a fan of football, an avid Game of Thrones enthusiast or, like many out there, a connoisseur of both, this video is a must watch! Season 6 is out on Sky Atlantic on the 25th of April (2 months and 24 days away, but who’s counting?)… Be sure to wrap up warmly though, rumour has it that winter is coming!

On Sky Movies today – it’s Groundhog Day again and again and again

Posted on February 1st, 2016 in Comedy PR,Stunt Of The Day,Television PR.

Stunts come in all shapes and sizes; and often the best one’s don’t require a motorcycle display team or Kelly Brook.

Sky Movies have snuck one under the radar – and it’s already drawing grins around the office.

Groundhog Day is here.


To celebrate – a scheduler over at Sky HQ greenlit the idea to screen Groundhog Day all day.

Radio-Times-Groundhog-Day copy

If you think you can stomach the film for almost 24 hours then you’ll be able to dive into the marathon tonight – and if so disposed watch it 13 times in a row.

It’s a subtle, perfectly crafted wheeze, and one that is already being well received on social and in news outlets.




This Morning’s Hangover

Posted on January 22nd, 2016 in Celebrity PR,Stunt Of The Day,Television PR.

We’ve all done it. We know we’ve got work the next day but we can’t resist that one extra pint before we leave the pub. We regret it, obviously, as we wake up the next morning with a thumping headache and trudging to work before being greeted by sneering co-workers and offensively bright lights.

“I’m never drinking again.”

We might be able to hide behind our computers and avoid eye contact until we start to feel a little more human, but if you’re the host of a live morning national television show it’s a little more difficult.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, co hosts of This Morning on ITV, were clearly worse for wear after their (much deserved) win at the National Television Awards the night before. Wearing the same clothes as they were at the NTAs, the two giggled, slurred and struggled through the morning show – but it was much to the delight of the millions watching.

In addition to the huge television numbers the pair’s hangover would go on to make every national newspaper and generate a huge amount of noise on social media.

Laugh your way to a six pack

Posted on January 21st, 2016 in Comedy PR,Consumer PR,creative publicity,Event PR,Fitness PR,Television PR,Uncategorized.

  • Research, by UKTV channel Dave, reveals two thirds of Brits will give up on any New Year get-fit pledges by now
  • Study identifies the 5 distinct types of laughter + their calorie-burning potential – live healthily with your five a day
  • Laughing can improve cardiovascular health, raise heart rate and burn calories
  • Belly laughs can help to tone the abs

Watching sitcoms and laughing out loud can help people to lose weight and get a washboard stomach to die for, all from the comfort of a sofa.  That’s the verdict of a new report that reviews the academic research into the effects of laughter on the human body and provides detail of a laughter based workout.


Entertainment TV channel Dave commissioned Dr Helen Pilcher and Timandra Harkness from the Comedy Research Project, an independent group that researches the science behind laughter, to come to the aid of comedy fans who may be giving up on New Year diet and fitness plans by now (61% of 1,500 Brits surveyed admitted they would be).

Using the latest research in the field of gelotology (the science of laughter) Pilcher and Harkness produced a report and devised two new fitness plans for Dave’s Laughter Workout that use belly laughs, giggles and chuckles to exchange a Christmas muffin top for a leaner, meaner six pack and a laughter-filled life.

Laughter is an aerobic activity that has previously been shown to burn calories (Miller and Fry 2009). It’s estimated that 15 minutes of laughter per day can increase total energy expenditure by up to 40 calories (Buchowski et al 2007).  Pilcher and Harkness identified five different intensities of laughter; ranging from ‘The Howler,’ where laughter is intense, involuntary and uncontrollable, to ‘The Snigger,’ where joyful snorts signal a positive reaction to a comedy scenario, and estimated the calories associated with each different type of outburst. They went on to predict the calorie loss that could be achieved from laughing at a number of different comedy shows.


 It’s widely accepted that laughter can have many positive effects on the human body, from boosting levels of ‘feel-good’ endorphins in the brain, to decreasing stress levels and dulling pain. But research hints that laughter is also good for the cardiovascular system and can help to tone the abdominals. In one recent study (Wagner et al 2014) researchers showed how hearty laughter can activate particular abdominal muscles. One group of muscles, the internal obliques, is actually activated more by laughter than it is by stomach crunches.

 Pilcher and Harkness categorised laughter into five different types and estimated the calorie-burning potential of each. They estimate that:

‘The Howler’ – flat out, uncontrollable, roll on the floor laughter can burn up to 120 calories per hour

‘The Belly buster’ – Hearty belly laughs can burn up to 100 calories per hour

The Giggle – Getting the giggles can burn up to 33 calories per hour

The Chuckle – Irrepressible chuckling can burn up to 20 calories per hour

The Snigger – Sniggering can burn up to 10 calories per hour.

Based on these findings, Pilcher and Harkness propose two new laughter-based weight loss regimes – Dave’s Laughter Workout.

 1) ‘The Hyena’ advocates lengthy bouts of extreme laughter, and has the potential to burn an extra 130 calories per day.

 Suppose you have serious weight to lose, an extra stone maybe. To burn off an extra stone over the course of a year, the average adult has to consume around 49,000 fewer calories than normal, or expend 49,000 extra calories without eating any more. Per day, that means you will need to laugh away an extra 134 calories.

 To achieve this through laugher, you would need to do 22 minutes of howling (41 calories), 30 minutes of belly laughs (50 calories), an hour of giggling (33 calories), and half an hour of chuckling (10 calories).

As with any form of exercise, don’t forget to warm up first. Try some gentle sniggering and chuckling before you embark on strenuous belly laughs and howling with laughter.

 2) ‘Shape up for Spring (Cleaning)’ recommends mixing laughter with housework to augment the calorie-burning effects of mirth.

 Like laughter, housework is an aerobic activity, so it can be used to supplement the calorie-crunching effects of mirth. It’s also highly compatible with enjoying television comedy. We recommend:

60 minutes of ironing (160 calories) + 15 mins chuckling (5 calories), 30 minutes giggling (16.5 calories) and 15 minutes of belly busters (25 calories) = 206.5 calories

 followed by

 60 minutes of vacuuming (246 calories) + 15 mins chuckling (5 calories), 30 mins belly laughs (50 calories) and 15 minutes of howling with laughter (30 calories) = 331 calories.

 That’s a total of 537.5 calories in just two hours, without even leaving the house or changing out of slippers. Just one week of that regime would leave you approximately 1lb lighter (and with a much cleaner house).

 After around a calendar month you could be 4.6 pounds (1/3 stone) lighter, more toned, fitter, and crease-free from your socks to your tea towels.


Steve North, Dave general manager says, “We like to think that Dave’s Laughter Workout is categorically the most fun you can have whilst shifting those post-Christmas calories.  So forget slogging it out in the gym surrounded by Lycra-clad Adonis’ and start laughing – the more you laugh, the fitter you’ll be!”

 Dr Helen Pilcher says, “This report raises the joyous possibility that watching comedy shows can help you to shape your six pack by targeting internal oblique muscles more effectively than sit-ups.  I definitely felt more toned after watching hours of TV comedies!”

 The team also sampled multiple episodes of comedy shows on Dave in January, and went on to predict the potential calorie loss that could be achieved by watching each of them, based on the duration of each type of laughter generated on average per episode.

Taskmaster with Greg Davies and Alex Horne produced the most howlers and belly busters with a total of 32 calories-worth of laughter throughout its 45-minute duration.

 The Top 5 calorie burning shows on Dave in January (with an estimate of calories burned per hour):

Taskmaster – 42.9 calories / hour

Room 101 – 40.3 calories / hour

QIXL – 35.5 calories / hour

Mock the Week – 31.8 calories / hour

Not Going Out – 28.2 calories / hour

 The above shows are on Dave throughout January, or head to and indulge in the ‘Laughter Workout Collection’ –

Tomorrow’s People: Making Cultures for Creativity

Posted on September 2nd, 2015 in Television Industry PR,Television PR.

Essays from Sharon Horgan, Piv Bernth, Matt Brittin, Chris Chibnall and more

A new book from UKTV promoting British creativity – launched to coincide with the 40th annual Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival – is available for download now.

UKTV Book - covers for social

Tomorrow’s People: Making Cultures for Creativity features stories and anecdotes from inspirational contributors and organisations about how creativity gives them their edge.

The book features eight essays from creative luminaries, each of whom have a unique take on the ways to foster the power of imagination. The issues covered range from the uneasy relationship between ‘the creatives’ and ‘the business’ and making an inspirational working environment, to the art of collaboration and the hurdles of solo endeavours. .

Contributors include the actress and writer of smash hit Catastrophe, Sharon Horgan; Google’s Matt Brittin; DR’s Head of Drama Piv Bernth (The Killing, The Bridge); award-winning screenwriter and executive producer of hits including Broadchurch, Chris Chibnall; Endemol Shine Group President Tim Hincks; and the feted advertising and music video director, Dougal Wilson.

Throughout each essay the contributors ruminate on topics including how they keep their imaginations alive, why pushing creative boundaries is important, making sure inspiration runs throughout their organisations and how to encourage the next generation of creatives.

Darren Childs, CEO, UKTV, who commissioned the book, says of its launch: “One of the most important remits of a creative organisation’s leader is to make sure the right people are able to produce great ideas, their working days are structured around them having great ideas, and their colleagues and environment are supportive of great ideas.  My hope is that Tomorrow’s People will fuel a new debate – about creativity, about diversity, about the nature of success – across the TV industry.”


SHARON HORGAN is one of British comedy’s most successful writer-performers. She stars in hit show Catastrophe and, through her production company Merman, is running Sarah Jessica Parker’s upcoming HBO series, Divorce. She describes the hard work and lucky breaks that helped her become a success in the creative world.

MATT BRITTIN is President, EMEA Business & Operations for Google. Based in London, he previously worked at McKinsey & Company and Trinity Mirror.  He discusses the creative workspace at Google, the importance of innovation and the opportunity platforms such as YouTube give new (and existing) talent.

PIV BERNTH is the head of drama at DR, Denmark’s national broadcaster, with a slate that includes The Legacy and The Bridge. She previously produced all three seasons of The Killing.  She advocates the benefits of separating the ‘creatives’ from the ‘organisation’, and the importance of giving people time and space to develop their ideas.

CHRIS CHIBNALL is an award-winning screenwriter, playwright and executive producer. His credits include Broadchurch, The Great Train Robbery: A Robber’s Tale and A Copper’s Tale, Doctor Who, United and Life on Mars.  He passes on what he has learnt as a screenwriter, offering his experience to those aspiring to break into the TV industry.

TIM HINCKS is President of the super-indie Endemol Shine Group. He was previously Chief Executive Officer of Endemol UK, overseeing hits including Big Brother, Fortitude and Pointless, and is a former Executive Chair of the Edinburgh International TV Festival.  He reflects on the jump from turning an idea into a physical piece of content, and the need to put creativity above the numbers.

JOHN KAMPFNER is Chief Executive of the Creative Industries Federation, the national membership organisation for the public arts, cultural education and creative industries. He is Chair of Turner Contemporary and the Clore Social Leadership Programme.  He believes it’s crucial that, as a key part of Britain’s economy, the arts become a core subject in education and that the creative pool must be socially and disciplinarily diverse.

DOUGAL WILSON has directed music videos for Jarvis Cocker, Will Young and Coldplay and TV ads for Ikea, Coca Cola, Stella Artois and most notably, John Lewis.  His awards include Gold and Silver Cannes Lions, two MTV video award nominations, and a Grammy nomination.  He talks about the science of creativity and the formula he follows to create his ideas.

HENRY MASON is the Managing Director of TrendWatching, who help forward-thinking business professionals in over 180 countries understand consumer behaviour; the needs and wants to uncover compelling and profitable innovation opportunities.  He discusses how we can achieve insight in one industry from looking at trends in another and how to continue capturing consumers’ attention.

DARREN CHILDS, CEO of UKTV, has had a prestigious international career in broadcast media spanning two decades.  Darren joined UKTV – a joint venture between BBC Worldwide and Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc. – in September 2010. Darren previously held senior executive roles at BBC Worldwide Sony Pictures Television, HBO Europe and News Corp’s Star TV.

In commissioning these thought leadership essays, Darren hopes we can fuel a new debate about creativity, diversity and success across the TV industry.

Tomorrow’s People: Making Cultures for Creativity

A book by UKTV is available for free download now at iTunes, Google Play and UKTV