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Gold Unveil Giant Dead Parrot For Monty Python TV Special

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LONDON, Monday 14th July 2014: The dead parrot at the centre of the eponymous sketch performed by John Cleese and Michael Palin, first screened 45 years ago, has been recreated on a giant scale to celebrate the screening of the very last Monty Python live show on comedy TV channel Gold this Sunday, the 20th July.


The mammoth model of the ‘Norwegian Blue’ was commissioned by the comedy channel following a survey of 2000 comedy fans which named the surreal pet shop skit as the nation’s favourite Monty Python sketch of all time.

The famous sketch was first broadcast on 7 December 1969 and remains a firm favourite with audiences who have been enjoying the live shows at The O2 this month.


The sculpture caused a stir amongst London commuters as it was hung upside down by a crane before being respectfully laid to rest on its back at Potters Fields on London’s South bank near Tower Bridge. The model, which is made from fibre glass, took a team of three sculptors over two months to design, construct and paint. The giant dead parrot measures 15 metres (almost 50 feet) from the tip of its tail to the top of its head, the equivalent to the height of five elephants standing on top of one another.


Lead sculptor Iain Prendergast says, “We are all Monty Python fans so we were delighted to receive the brief from Gold to recreate the mythical ‘Norwegian Blue’ on a giant scale. We watched both live and televised versions of the sketch and found that there have been a number of different incarnations of the parrot with a variety of different plumages. Our sculpture provides a colourful hybrid of the dead parrots which have featured in the celebrated sketch. The key challenge for us was capturing the comedy value of the dead parrot, keeping the realism of the bird whilst also adding touches like the bloodshot, ‘stunned’ eyes.”

Python Parrot 11

The homage to the iconic Monty Python sketch will be taken to The O2 arena where fans attending the final run of live shows will be able to say their final farewell to the comedy troupe, taking pictures of the giant dead parrot and adding to the Twitter buzz using the hashtag #montypythonlive.

Steve North, General Manager of Gold says, “We believe that our giant dead parrot provides a fitting tribute to a sketch that is so loved by audiences throughout the world. We hope that fans will join us for the final Monty Python performance this Sunday to see Britain’s greatest ever comedy group bow out in style.”

Gold will be screening the live broadcast of the final Monty Python Live (mostly): One Down Five To Go stage show on Sunday 20th July.

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blinkbox Stage the Game Of Thrones Fan Wedding Of The Year

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LONDON, Tuesday 1st July 2014:

Game of Thrones super-fan Darren Prew (37) and Kerry Ford (33) from Hereford have tied the knot styled as characters Daenerys Targaryen ‘Khaleesi’ and Jon Snow, having won a unique wedding celebration staged by blinkbox.

65 Game of Thrones Wedding

To celebrate Game of Thrones season 4 landing on blinkbox, the TV and Movie streaming service gave two competition winners the ultimate experience – the chance to get married in a Game of Thrones themed ceremony.

game of thrrones fan wedding

Organisers hired Eastnor Castle, near Ledbury for the ceremony. Located in the foothills of the Black Mountains, the property is an imposing gothic fortress flanked by watch-towers, lake and enclosing a keep. The elaborate makeover of the twelve-strong wedding party took over 50 hours of fitting, styling and theatrical make-up – handled by a professional team. The bride stunned guests with her surprise arrival on a white horse and the groom stepped out from nearby trees with two Wolf Dogs on leashes.

game of thrones fan wedding wolves

Hundreds responded to an online search for the fan wedding but it was Plasterer Darren who clinched it much to Kerry’s surprise. Bride Kerry explains: “I was on Facebook one evening and I saw an ad seeking couples to marry Game of Thrones style. I mentioned it to Darren. I said “Who on earth would do that?” Little did I know that he then went online and applied – without telling me!”

Groom Darren continues: “It was too good an opportunity to pass up. We were planning on getting married next year, but I knew we just had to go for it. I have been a massive Game of Thrones fans since the beginning, so having our biggest day styled in such an amazing way is a dream come true.”

The bride was styled as the stunning Daenerys Targaryen ‘Khaleesi’ with a handmade dress and trademark white blonde locks.


Groom Darren adopted the smouldering looks of hero Jon Snow.

28 Game of Thrones Wedding

On seeing each other at the altar, bride Kerry commented: “I thought the transformation was amazing, it was like marrying Jon Snow. It was very, very weird and surreal to see Darren like that!”

Best Woman (Carey McKeown, 35) and Best Man (Mike McKeown, 33) took on the intimidating appearances of a Wildling and a White-Walker respectively.

fan wedding white walker

Groom Darren commented; ‘With such a bizarre look, Mike was guaranteed a few laughs during his speech.’

Carey McKeown in costume as Ygritte

Bride Kerry, a cake designer, had spent two weeks creating an elaborate FIVE tier wedding cake.

game of thrones fan wedding cake

Kerry said; ‘I took over 20 hours to make it – it’s comprised of each of the Game of Thrones’ houses, then there are the wedding vows from Game of Thrones, King Joffrey’s crown made out of chocolate and topped with the famous iron throne. It was almost a shame to see it eaten. I changed my mind over the design of this cake so many times, it’s the most important cake I’ll ever make.’

Wedding registrar Lynne Pugh who presided over the ceremony said; “I’ve married hundreds of couples over the years – but this one was really out of this world”

70 Game of Thrones Wedding

The father of the bride (Terry Ford, 66) was decked out as the loyal Stark servant, Hodor and in contrast to such a gentle character; the mother of the bride (Sue Ford, 52) was cast as Melisandre of Asshai, often referred to as ‘The Red Women’.

hodor fan wedding

Behind The Scenes Video

The groom’s party included Lady Catelyn Stark played by Darren’s mother (June Thurston, 58), and Darren’s sister (Samantha Crump, 39) as Brienne of Tharth.

77 Game of Thrones Wedding

The groom’s brother-in-law (Brian Crump, 34) became the mighty Khal Drogo donning war paint and going shirtless for the occasion – in true Dothraki style.


Although not old enough to enjoy the successful HBO series themselves, Darren and Kerry’s four children, (aged 15,14,11 and 9) dressed as the Stark children.

39 Game of Thrones Wedding

Adrian Letts, MD of blinkbox Movies added: “We are obsessed with Game of Thrones and we wanted to reward a couple that are as passionate about it as us. Our policy at blinkbox is simple: we make entertainment brilliant. We hope we’ve done that here today.”

38 Game of Thrones Wedding

Game of Thrones seasons 1-4 are available to buy on blinkbox now priced at £16.99 in SD and £23.99 in HD.

blinkbox is giving away 1,000 Clubcard points with every purchase of the fourth series plus a free Tesco finest 10” pizza.

For those who haven’t yet been gripped by the show, there’s an additional incentive to try it with blinkbox – 250 Clubcard points with the purchase of any of the previous three series.

Pugs Landing! blinkbox celebrate Game of Thrones fever with canine re-enactment

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LONDON, 24th June 2014: You wouldn’t normally associate pugs with treachery and blood-letting, but in a new video released by movie and TV streaming service blinkbox, three of the pooches appear suited and booted in a barking homage to Game of Thrones.

‘The Pugs of Westeros’ sees Roxy, Blue and Bono playing doggy versions of the main characters, including conniving King Joffrey.

Season 4 of the critically-acclaimed HBO show (minus pugs) is available to buy on blinkbox as well as all three previous series.


Adrian Letts, Managing Director of blinkbox Movies and TV, commented: “We know the nation is settling down to devour as many episodes of this brilliant show as they can, but we hope they paws to enjoy our spoof.”

Game of Thrones Pugs: Couple Recreate Hit HBO Series With Their Three Dogs

The pugs’ owners, Phillip Lauer (57) and his wife Sue (47), have been dressing their pugs up as characters from cinema and TV since they were puppies.

They normally only shoot stills photography but jumped at the chance of creating a mini-movie based on one of their favourite shows.

for the full story visit the blinkbox blog and pictures here

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The New Thunderbird 1 Looks F.A.B.!

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LONDON, WEDNESDAY 17TH June 2014: ITV Studios today released a sneak preview of the new Thunderbird 1 which will feature in their hotly-anticipated new show Thunderbirds Are Go! 

Set against the backdrop of the Hollywood sign the rocket maintains its distinctive silver bullet style which many fans will remember from the original series.


The major new children’s series, a co-production between ITV Studios and Pukeko Pictures in association with world-famous Weta Workshop (The Lord of the Rings, Avatar) is set to make its international debut in early 2015 in the UK on ITV and CITV.

Giles Ridge, Executive Producer said; “Thunderbirds Are Go! pays tribute to the original series whilst delivering a dynamic action-adventure to thrill a new generation. The iconic characters, craft, music and story elements of the original have been lovingly re-imagined for a 21st century audience. The series will showcase the world famous Pukeko Pictures and Weta Workshop’s ground-breaking creative and technical excellence.”


The action packed reboot will be produced using a unique mix of CGI animation and live-action model sets to deliver a new level of action-adventure animation whilst also paying tribute to the classic 1960’s phenomenon.

The re-invention of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s iconic series will star Rosamund Pike (Pride and Prejudice, Gone Girl) as Lady Penelope and original cast member David Graham who reprises his role as Parker.

Other star voices will include Kayvan Novak (Fonejacker, Facejacker) as inventor Brains and Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Game of Thrones, Love Actually) voicing John Tracy.

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100 Brilliantly Creative Outdoor and Ambient Marketing Campaigns

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By James Herring

Nobody tweets a picture of a poster or a billboard. Well rarely.

Marketers are having to come up with increasing bolder, creative and innovative news ways of getting the message out there.

Here are some of our favourite bits of creative and unusual media of recent years.

1. Nationwide Insurance


2. Drunk people sleeping on the streets of Japan are turned into human billboards for a new alcohol awareness campaign.


3. The Economist


4. Dengan Nose Hair Trimmers


5. O’Donovans Irish Pub


6. Silberman’s Fitness Center


7. Adidas

Oliver Kahn Poster Presentation


8. Bic Razors


9. Mini


10. Frontline – Flea and Tick Spray


11. Newcastle Brown Ale hijack Stella


12. Nike


13. BMW vs Audi


14. Fitness First – Bus Stop Scales


15. Folgers Coffee make good use of steam vents


16. Aim Plumbing Servoces


17.  Brandstik USB


18. Tefal


19. Nike Escalator sabotage


20. National Geographic Channel


21. HBO – Game Of Thrones


22. BBC World


23. Smart car


24. Joffrey Ballet School, Chicago


25. Mondo Pasta


26. Kansas Public Library



27. Japanese camera ad


28. Australian construction site


29. Yahoo


30. Colorado road safety campaign


31. Anando Milk


32. Australian Childhood Foundation


33.  Belt Up


34. Cadbury Dairy Milk


35. Heineken


36. Hot Wheels


37. Law and Order


38. Martor Razor Blades


39. McDonald: Sundial Billboard.


40. Quitplan.com



41. Environmental Awareness: Swimming Pool.


42. Iberia


43. Venice Casino


44. Lego




46. Oral B


47. Australian Public Transport Authority


48. Kung Fu Panda – Dreamworks


49. Imodium


50. Alice In Wonderland


51. FedEx Kinkos – Office Products


52. Australia Post


53. Kill Bill  (New Zealand)


54. Absolut


55. The Day After Tomorrow (Mumbai)


56. Newcastle Brown Ale


57. Batman


58. Dutch Stutter Foundation


59.Benjamin Moore Paints


60. CNN


61. Science World



62. Old Timer Restaurants



63. Smart


64. McDonalds Fries



65. Allstate Insurance: Marina Tower


66. Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre


67. Check The Gas


68. Pedigree dog food (and poop bag dispenser)


69.  Lays Potatoes


70. Calgary Film Festival (crying billboard)

billboard-ads-crying-1 billboard-ads-crying-2

71. Powerhouse Gym


72. Peter Walsh Office Supplies


73. DHL Online Tracking – Beijing


74. Clearex (Israel)


75. The Guitar Store


76. Nikon


77. IWC Watches


78. Rock Radio


79. Kit Kat




81. Rimmel Quick Dry


82. Hyundai


83. Duracell


84. Jobsintown.de


85. Calgary Zoo


86. Fedex


87.  Copenhagen Zoo


88. Walking Dead: Zombie Truck


89. Mad Men (New Zealand)


90. IBM


91. Grand Theft Auto


92. Father Bobs (Homeless Charity)


93. WonderBra


94. IAMS


95. AOK (German Health Insurance)


96. MTV Switch


97. McDonalds


98. Smart


99. KarstadtQuelle: Dental Implant Insurance


100. Nivea: Good-bye Cellulite Sofa


For a really great archive and resource of advertisements visit Ads of the World or Trend Hunter for a great source for inspiration.

If you’re looking for a creative solution we can help with viral video productioncreative outdoor advertisingexperiential eventsnews generation and newjacking and publicity stunts.

Please share your examples with us. Let us know in the comments section below.

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What The Dickens? Miss Havishams invade London!

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LONDON, Thursday May 22nd 2014


► Top costume and make up team spend three hours transforming each model into Miss Havisha

► The haunting figures met at Big Ben at twenty to nine – the time Miss Havisham was jilted by her fiancé and heartbroken, stopped all of the clocks around her

► Also visited Westminster Abbey, the final resting place of author Charles Dickens

► Created to mark screening of Great Expectations on TV channel Drama this Bank Holiday weekend

Five women transformed into Miss Havisham, the sinister spinster described by Charles Dickens as ‘the witch of the place’ in coming of age novel Great Expectations, were unleashed on London today.  The Miss Havishams pay homage to the most haunting literary character, according to a recent survey.


The models were commissioned to appear as the character to celebrate the screening of Great Expectations on TV channel Drama this Sunday 25 May at 6pm and repeated on Monday 26 May at 4pm.


It was an early start for the five models who each spent over three hours being transformed by a team of stylists, costume designers, make-up artists and dressers before travelling by public transport into central London this morning.  Renowned costume designer Katya Wildman and her team spent two months sourcing and ageing the wedding dresses, veils, flowers and jewellery, while hair and make-up was created and applied by Deanna V’lcevska, Nicci Jackson and Julia Townend.  The team has worked with celebrities including Helena Bonham Carter, Jerry Hall, Scissor Sisters and The Who.


Once ready, the Miss Havishams travelled amongst surprised commuters on the London Underground and buses before congregating in front of Big Ben at 8.40am, the time Miss Havisham is jilted by her fiancé Compeyson in the novel and stopped all of the clocks around her.  The Miss Havishams also visited Westminster Abbey, the final resting place of author Charles Dickens.


Costume designer Katya Wildman says, “We watched a number of actresses playing Miss Havisham, including Gillian Anderson, Helena Bonham Carter and Charlotte Rampling as well as reading the descriptions of this haunting character in the book.  We wanted to capture Miss Havisham’s ethereal beauty as well as the decaying of her clothes and spirit as a result of her long period of mourning for the wedding she never had.  The result is a complete transformation of our five models that we hope captures the essence of this haunting and very moving character.”

Miss Havisham can also be found on Facebook as well as dating sites Guardian Soulmates, Match.com, Tinder and even My Single Friend, where she has been recommended by a well-meaning Pip.

Adrian Wills, General Manager of UKTV channel Drama says, “The Miss Havishams are a fitting tribute to one of the most memorable characters ever created.  We like to think that Charles Dickens, who is buried in Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey, would have been amused to think that more than 150 years after he created Miss Havisham she is standing at the foot of Big Ben at twenty minutes to nine, still pining for her lost love.”

Drama is available on Freeview channel 20, Sky channel 166 and Virgin channel 190.

Snapshot Of Coverage So Far;


Channel 4′s David Abraham to deliver MacTaggart lecture

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London, Wednesday 21st May 2014: Chief Executive of Channel 4 David Abraham is confirmed to give the prestigious James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture at this year’s Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival, powered by YouTube.

The head of the ‘Born Risky’ broadcaster has enjoyed a recent run of creative successes, from the 2012 Paralympic Games and 2013’s Educating Yorkshire, to Gogglebox, Southcliffe and the headline-grabbing Benefits Street.  Abraham announced a groundbreaking move earlier this year when he revealed Channel 4 would be investing millions into a number of small and medium sized fledgling independent production companies.

The need to ‘balance creative and commercial objectives’ as identified by Channel 4 Chairman Lord Burns, means Abraham’s lecture is perfectly poised to reflect the theme of this year’s festival: ‘The Business of Creativity’ from the point of view of an organisation with a unique business model.

David Abraham

David Abraham comments:  ‘2014 is already shaping up to be a seismic year of change in the landscape of television so I am honoured to have the opportunity to give the MacTaggart Lecture at the Edinburgh TV Festival this year. It’s also been over a decade since Channel 4 has had this important platform – so it will be a key opportunity, in front of our creative partners, to set out a vision for how and why we intend to maintain our cultural impact in a world in which globalisation and technology continue to reshape everything.’

Executive Festival Chair, Elaine Bedell, said: ‘Not only have we not had anyone from C4 deliver the MacTaggart in twelve years, we also haven’t had a UK broadcaster give this prestigious keynote in four years.  We’ve become used in Edinburgh to hearing provocative calls from independent producers, or from on-screen talent, as well as from new entrants into the broadcast world (like Netflix), all challenging UK broadcasters to up their game.  Now it’s time for one, key, terrestrial broadcaster to respond – and to issue some challenges and provocations of its own.  I know that David will deliver a MacTaggart speech that will truly ignite the debate at this year’s TV Festival.’

Advisory Chair of the Festival, Mel Leach, said: ‘As the CEO of Channel 4, a major investor in the UK’s creative economy and a broadcaster working with more independent producers than any other British network, I am delighted that David Abraham will be delivering this year’s MacTaggart lecture. David offers a unique perspective on our industry having built a creative agency and managed a portfolio of networks in Britain and the US in both pay TV and free to air. This year the festival is embracing the business of creativity as its key theme, asking questions of both producers and broadcasters about how the British TV industry can remain at the forefront of worldwide content creation. I have no doubt David will offer bold and provocative insight into the challenges, opportunities and technological innovations that will shape our industry over the next decade.’

Following a 25 year career building and championing creative businesses in the UK and USA, David Abraham became Channel 4’s sixth Chief Executive in May 2010. He formed and leads the team which is delivering the biggest diversification of Channel 4’s schedule in a decade following the decommissioning of Big Brother. Investment in originated content has been at record levels, with the team executing the game-changing broadcast of the London 2012 Paralympic Games and commissioning award-winning shows ranging from Gogglebox and Educating Yorkshire to Southcliffe, The Undateables, Syria: Across the Lines and Toast of London.

A rejuvenated Channel 4 News is making its own headlines with Plebgate and Sri Lanka; Killing Fields exclusives; investment into Film4 has been boosted and is flourishing with titles ranging from the Oscar and BAFTA award-winning 12 Years a Slave to the hit Inbetweeners Movie.

David implemented an innovative viewer engagement strategy for Channel 4 which today has over 10m registered users including half of all 16-24 year olds in the UK.  This has been achieved whilst keeping revenues stable, forging new commercial partnerships with UKTV and BT Sport and seeing a significant strengthening in the reputation of Channel 4 amongst the British public.

David joined Channel 4 from UKTV where he was appointed Chief Executive in April 2007.  He led the launch of Dave, the most successful new digital channel of the decade and championed successful commissions such as Red Dwarf – Back to Earth and In the Land of the Free.  Prior to this David worked at Discovery Networks USA where, as President and General Manager of TLC, he was responsible for reviving the prime US cable network with fresh shows such as Miami Ink and Little People Big World.  Before heading to the US David was General Manager of Discovery Networks UK during a period of rapid growth and investment into digital channel development and creative landmarks such as Virtual History and Age of Terror.

David began his career in 1984 as a graduate trainee in advertising in London, after studying Modern History at Oxford University. At 32 he was a founding partner and Chief Operating Officer of the independent creative agency St Luke’s, which became internationally renowned for its innovative campaigns and co-operative working practices.

He is a member of the Board of Creative Skillset and was Chair of the 2013 RTS Cambridge Convention.

The prestigious MacTaggart Lecture has drawn major names from both UK and international broadcasting, and is known for producing controversial and agenda-setting speeches. Past MacTaggart speakers include Kevin Spacey, Elisabeth Murdoch, Eric Schmidt, Mark Thompson, James Murdoch, Dennis Potter, Michael Grade, Verity Lambert, Ted Turner, Greg Dyke, David Liddiment, Peter Fincham, Charles Allen, Jeremy Paxman, John Mortimer and Rupert Murdoch.

Now in its 39th year, the Festival will take place from Thursday 21st to Saturday 23rd August.

This year’s opening session will include the welcome return of Keith Lemon, as he takes delegates “Through the Keyhole” and into the underwear drawer of channel controller’s homes, as a panel of experts try to figure out who the questionable music collections and lavish living rooms belong to.

Britain’s favourite magician Dynamo will also provide a masterclass, telling audiences how Dynamo: Magician Impossible became not just a huge ratings hit for Watch, but was sold worldwide and reinvigorated a global appetite for magic. Dynamo, who will reveal how a tough childhood provided him with the drive to succeed in magic, will be joined by the show’s producers and give festival audiences a sneak peek at what to expect from the fourth series.

At session: Thinking outside the Gogglebox, the creators of Gogglebox along with stars of the show Steph and Dom Parker invite delegates to see the workings behind the sofas. As well as discussing the duo’s favourite tipple, they’ll take a look at how the idea developed, the secrets behind the show’s casting and how it’s become a global sensation – as well as revealing what’s next.

Further sessions will include a journey into the twisted minds of Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton, the creators of cult hits The League Of Gentlemen, Psychoville and Inside No. 9. They’ll take audiences on a tour of their memorable careers – both in collaboration, and separately, with Steve writing and appearing in the smash-hit sitcom Benidorm, and Reece playing the lead role in ITV1’s disturbing drama The Widower among recent highlights.

Jed Mercurio, writer and creator of BBC2’s biggest drama hit in 10 years, Line of Duty, will also be at Edinburgh this year, discussing the all-important question: Is Lindsay Denton guilty? How the former hospital physician and RAF officer achieved the dramatic excitement and originality we’ve come to expect from the best the Americans and Scandis have to offer will be a key theme, as will which British institution will be next on his hit list.

2013’s most talked about session will also return for 2014, as We Still Need to Talk About Commissioning will review progress and lessons learnt. A panel of broadcasting elite return to face the new findings and discuss pertinent issues – ranging from the relationship between independent producers and commissioners to how the system is working and value commissioners themselves add.

On the flip side, tables will also be turned on the indies in How to be a better indie as we find out which are the best and worst to work for.  The session will also explore how indies can be better – both as places of work and in their relationships with commissioners.

Visit www.geitf.co.uk to register now. Follow the Festival on Twitter via @edinburghtvfest




Dave Goes Nuts For Brazil World Cup

On May 19th, 2014 James wrote on the subject of creative publicity,Entertainment Brands,PR Stunt,Publicity Stunts,Television PR.

LONDON, Monday May 19th 2014

► Micro-artist carves portraits of England footie heroes out of Brazil Nuts to launch Dave’s new series in the run up to the World Cup
►Bite size artworks of the nation’s tastiest players Gazza, Lineker, Becks, Shearer and Rooney
► Work commissioned by Dave to celebrate the launch of ‘England’s Top 19 Footy Heroes’

Full set of pictures here

Ahead of this summer’s World Cup tournament in Brazil and Dave’s brand new three-part football series, UKTV channel Dave challenged artist Quentin Devine to carve five of England’s most iconic footballing legends entirely out of Brazil nuts.


The faces of Gary Lineker, Paul Gascoigne, David Beckham, Alan Shearer and current England star Wayne Rooney have been skilfully carved into the local Brazilian delicacy to mark the launch of the football specials: England’s Top 19 Footy Heroes, England’s Top 53 Footy Goals and England’s Top 39 Footy Gaffes coming to Dave from Tuesday 20th May at 9pm.


Each Brazil nut, measuring an average of 1.5 by 2 centimetres, took on average a painstaking 96 hours to carve with Quentin working day and night to perfect Rooney’s hairline, the raw emotion of Gazza and Beckham’s dashing good looks.  The artist worked his way through 53 nuts before finally cracking the finished portraits and spent the most time finessing Gary Lineker’s oversized ears.


Artist Quentin Devine says, “When Dave asked me to carve the faces of five of England’s most loved football legends out of Brazil nuts I knew it would be a challenge.  The nuts can be very oily and extremely brittle but I think I managed to successfully capture the essence of each these football heroes.  My final piece, Gary Lineker, proved to be a tough nut to crack with his large ear span reducing the already tiny surface area I had to work with. After over 20 attempts, many broken ears and all hope lost, I finally perfected it. On another note, I know Dave is a comedy channel, but an Irish man carving English footballers into Brazil nuts is a real joke isn’t it?”


After studying a vast library of images of England players over the years and using nothing more than a scalpel, a magnifying glass and 99p bag of Brazil Nuts, Quentin set up his studio to complete the gruelling challenge. The surface area he created his masterpieces on is no more than the size of a five pence coin.

Steve North, General Manager of UKTV channel Dave says, “Here at Dave we are going absolutely nuts for the World Cup, so what better way to celebrate the forthcoming summer of football than to immortalise five of our best ever players as Brazil nut carvings.  This was a challenge to end all challenges and the skill of the artist should be applauded, we thought Quentin would struggle with the oily, nutty surfaces but after 53 attempts he well and truly cracked it!

The unique world first artworks were specially commissioned to mark the launch of a special series of World Cup Programming on Dave.  England’s Top 19 Footy Heroes, England’s Top 53 Footy Goals and England’s Top 39 Footy Gaffes will star comedians and sports pundits such as Alex Brooker, Tom Rosenthal, Phil Cornwell and Adrian Chiles and sporting heroes including Gary Lineker, Ian Wright, Lee Dixon, Jim Rosenthal, Michael Vaughan and former German star Didi Hamann, as they take a look back at some of England’s greatest footballing achievements and World Cup memories.  The series, voiced by popular British comedian Jason Manford and written by Paul Hawksbee (Harry Hill’s TV Burp, TalkSport, Fantasy Football League), will air in May ahead of the World Cup in the summer.

Dave’s football season kicks off with England’s Top 19 Footy Heroes on Tuesday 20th May at 9pm.

Press Contact Taylor Herring

Taylor Herring win Agency Of The Year at the BVA Awards

On May 7th, 2014 James wrote on the subject of Arts PR,brand PR,Celebrity PR,Comedy,Consumer Electronics PR,Consumer PR,Digital PR,DVD PR,Entertainment Brands,Event PR,Experiential Marketing,Film PR,Leisure PR,Online PR,PR Stunt,PR Stunts,Publicity Stunts,Retail PR,Technology PR,Television Industry PR,Television PR,Viral Video PR.

Taylor Herring picked up the top award at the BVA’s this week – scooping the coveted Agency Of The Year prize.

The British Video Association honours the best in TV and Movie marketing and retail in the home entertainment sector.

BVA members (including Universal, Fox, Warners, BBC worldwide, Channel 4 and ITV Studios) account for some 90% of this £2 billion+ industry and include film and television companies and independent labels which produce, license and distribute film, sport and fitness, music video, TV, children’s and special interest programming.


About Our Entry;

Taylor Herring has been working as blinkbox’s retained PR agency since January 2013. Media stories mentioning the brand are up to 518% year on year. Viral videos, stunts, social media work and screening events have all captured public attention and helped contribute to a rise in unprompted brand consideration by 200%.

These have led to a 450% increase in transactions from referral traffic. A record breaking festive period saw sales explode 245% compared to the previous year.

What the judges said:

“Sometimes it’s not the size of the budget that counts, but the size of the imagination and Taylor Herring has shown huge ongoing imagination with its PR campaign for Tesco streaming service, blinkbox. Making an impression in a market dominated by Netflix and Amazon/Lovefilm was never going to be easy, but the judges were won over by the creative vision of the Taylor Herring team. The launch of a Gosline, a Ryan Gosling helpline, went viral. It staged a Star Trek Into Darkness inspired teleporter stunt in a shopping centre, hiring twins for a fake transportation routine. For Game of Thrones, the agency created a lifesize dragon skull, placing it on a beach, and gambling on social media to make the connection with blinkbox (it did). ”

Some of the work;

Dig For Victory! The Big Allotment Challenge

On March 26th, 2014 admin wrote on the subject of Event PR,Television Industry PR,Television PR.

Hosted by Fern Britton, The Big Allotment Challenge celebrates Britain’s love of all things horticultural with a brand new series premiering this April on BBC Two.

In a walled garden within the grounds of Mapledurham House, Oxfordshire, nine pairs of passionate, knowledgeable amateur gardeners will put their green fingers to the test in a bid to be crowned Britain’s Best Growers.

Over six hour-long episodes, the series will challenge the gardeners’ horticultural know-how and skill as they plot, plant and prune their allotment to harvest a series of prize-worthy vegetables, fruits and flowers.

While two gardeners will ultimately be named the cream of the crop, the pair that fails to impress each week will hang up their wellies and leave the allotment for good.

allotment challenge cast

In every episode, the gardeners will face four challenges from a panel of experts, each an authority in their field.

Award-winning horticulturalist Jim Buttress, floral designer extraordinaire Jonathan Moseley and first lady of preserves Thane Prince will each week award fourBest in Show’ accolades.

The ‘Grow’ challenge will see the judges test the gardeners’ growing skills in producing prize-worthy vegetables or fruit.  The two ‘Make’ challenges will first measure their expertise in nurturing perfect flower specimens, and then their creativity with a surprise floral arrangement.  Finally, the ‘Eat’ challenge will assess their culinary know-how as they turn their produce into preserves and condiments.

Host Fern Britton, herself a keen gardener, says: “I’ve been gardening since I was a little girl, and I’m looking forward to learning more from our team of experts on ‘The Big Allotment Challenge’.  I hope that new gardeners will come to the programme and learn a lot from it, and seasoned gardeners will enjoy the judging and test their knowledge against that of our experts – the competition is friendly but fierce!”

Growing your own is an increasingly popular past-time in the UK, with over 350,000 allotments currently in use in Britain and a waiting list for an allotment up to ten years long in some areas.

The Big Allotment Challenge will see teams of best friends, colleagues, husband and wives, sisters-in-law and mothers and daughters from across the UK compete to win the title.  Some contestants have allotments, others grow their own produce in their back gardens, greenhouses, or even window boxes – but all are passionate about kitchen gardening.

Challenges include growing perfect radishes, unblemished aubergines and matching carrots and presenting the perfect single rose, colourful gladioli and uniform sunflowers alongside creating a topiary tree, a hand-tied bouquet and a summer floral wreath. The gardeners must also prove their capabilities in the kitchen by making jams, curds, chutneys and more using the produce from their patch.

Daisy Goodwin, Silver River CEO, says: “Anybody with an allotment will tell you that competition between allotment holders is intense.  ‘The Big Allotment Challenge’ has taken that natural rivalry up a notch.”

‘The Big Allotment Challenge’ book, which will accompany the series and contains recipes and top tips from the show’s experts, will be available from 10th April (published by Hodder & Stoughton, £20).

The Big Allotment Challenge is a Silver River production for BBC Two, executive produced by Daisy Goodwin and Melissa Brown for Silver River Productions and by Emma Willis for the BBC.

The Big Allotment Challenge airs on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC Two from 15th April*.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bigallotmentchallenge

Twitter: @bigallotment – #allotmentchallenge


After ten successful years on ITV’s This Morning, Fern has presented her own interview show for the past five years, BBC One’s Fern Britton Meets.  In one of her most famous interviews on the series, she spoke to ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair and led him to admit that he would have gone to war with Iraq whether or not they had weapons of mass destruction. Fern has been at the forefront of television news since the early 1980s, covering stories such as the Penlee Lifeboat disaster, the Zeebrugge ferry tragedy and the Falklands War.  She worked in the newsrooms of the BBC and ITV until the mid-1990s, when she became the first presenter of Ready Steady Cook, a format that was successful worldwide. She is married to chef Phil Vickery and has four children, two cats, a dog, chickens, ducks and pigs.  She is a keen gardener and makes a mean mint and apple jelly.


 Jim is one of the UK’s leading gardening experts.  He was Superintendent of the Royal Parks for 25 years, and his clients have included Her Majesty the Queen and his old friend the Queen Mother.  Jim has been awarded the Victoria Medal of Honour, the highest accolade in horticulture, which can only be held by 63 people at any given time.  He was head judge for Britain in Bloom for 25 years, where he was nicknamed ‘Judge Dread’.  His love of gardening began as a school boy, where he was made to help out in the walled garden having been excluded from class.  Jim thrives in an outdoor environment and there is nothing he does not know about planting and growing.  His dedication to horticulture has seen him judge competitions all over the world and he says his greatest passion is sharing his knowledge with the public.


Jonathan has been working professionally with flowers for over twenty years.  His love of flora started at just eleven years old, when he received a greenhouse from his parents as a birthday present.  He soon started exhibiting and won his first competition at age twelve.  Jonathan is known within the floral industry for being innovative and creative with his designs.  He particularly enjoys nurturing new talent and regularly holds workshops and demonstrations in his current ‘residence’ at Chatsworth House.  Jonathan is former chairman of NAFAS Demonstrators Committee and has been selected to represent the UK in the World Flower Show in Dublin next year.


Thane is a leading cookery writer and teacher. With over thirty years of experience in the food industry, she can’t remember a time when she didn’t enjoy food. For twelve years she was a food writer for the Daily Telegraph, where she cooked with some of the most highly regarded chefs in the industry.  She then founded the acclaimed Aldeburgh Cookery School, which was rated as one of the top three in the UK.  Thane has published twelve cookery books, including Jams and Chutneys which has sold over 100,000 copies and has been translated into eight languages.  Her favourite thing to make is raspberry jam.

Press Contact: Taylor Herring

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