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The newest holiday sweeping Twitter. Brands wish us all a Happy Galentine’s Day.

Posted on February 13th, 2017 in brand PR,Consumer PR,Fashion PR,Food and Drink PR,Online PR,Retail PR,Roundup,Stunt Of The Day.



Tomorrow is either a day you look forward to or dread with the very depths of your being. I am of course referring to the infamous Valentine’s Day. In a mere 24 hours we will all be confronted by heart shaped everything, surrounded by public displays of affection and unable to get a reservation anywhere in town.

However whether Valentine’s Day tickles your fancy or sets your teeth on edge you may not be aware that today, 13th February, has become somewhat of an unofficial holiday in itself. Christened “Galantine’s Day” by the wickedly funny Amy Poehler’s character, Leslie Knope, in Parks and Recreation it is a day where you are encouraged to celebrate sisterhood in all its glory. In Poehler’s words we are meant to: “leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies.”

Brands have also taken note of this cultural addition to the calendar as it grows in popularity and have taken to twitter using the hashtag #GalentinesDay to share their own messages and promotions.

Penguin books decided to encourage a shout out to inspirational female figures with an extra charitable edge.

Asos used the occasion to express some of those Anti-Valentines sentiments that many of us are feeling.

Marks and Spencer championed the idea of spoiling yourself with a spotlight on some of their spa and home products.

Malibu declared that it is officially cocktail time.

Whilst Ahmad Tea has you covered if you can’t face a hangover on a Tuesday morning.

Finally, Hulu reminds us to thank the creator of this holiday by watching unlimited Leslie Knope moments online.

So for today grab your girlfriends, a bottle of your favourite tipple, maybe a box or two of something decadent to go with it take and the opportunity to celebrate ladies just being ladies!


Changing rooms become a thing of the past with Superdry

Posted on December 21st, 2016 in Consumer Electronics PR,Digital PR,Fashion PR,Stunt Of The Day,Technology PR.

Have you ever found yourself put off by queues to try on clothes in shops, and ended up leaving empty-handed? Or have you fallen in love with a garment, only to be dismayed to find that they haven’t got your size? Well these problems will soon become a thing of the past, as Superdry have created a mirror which allows shoppers to try on their new winter collection, significantly, without having to take anything off.


The ‘smart mirror’ has been installed at Superdry’s flagship store in Berlin, and works by having customers stand in front of it. Users only have to make swiping gestures to see their computer character try on different items of clothing, whilst any other movement made by the user is mirrored by the on-screen character to show customers how the garment fits and moves.


When not in use, the mirror moulds back into the store’s design.

Pat Fahy of Seymourpowel said about the campaign that: “We’ve designed the smart mirror to stop shoppers in their tracks with an engaging, fun and highly interactive experience that brings them closer to the Superdry brand and products.”

Could Superdry have stumbled upon the future of shopping?

– @katiemallion

Burberry enlist all-star cast for newest Christmas campaign

Posted on November 1st, 2016 in Fashion PR,History PR,stuff we liked,Stunt Of The Day.

As Halloween ends and Christmas descends rapidly upon us, it seems only right that Burberry kick off the festive season with their latest star-studded campaign. The British heritage brand have released a 3-minute film trailer entitled ‘The Tale of Thomas Burberry’, celebrating the life of the Burberry founder and starring a host of celebrities including Sienna Miller, Lily James, Domhnall Gleeson and Dominic West.


“This Christmas, as we celebrate our 160th anniversary we wanted to tell the story of Thomas Burberry – pioneer, inventor, innovator, and the man behind the iconic trench coat – in our own words,” said Burberry chief creative and chief executive officer, Christopher Bailey. ‘The film we have made is a brief glimpse inspired by his full and extraordinary life, which threaded its way through the history of the twentieth century in all its tumultuous highs and lows.’

Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson takes the lead role, with Sienna Miller playing his first fictional love. The film focuses particularly on the role Burberry played in creating ground-breaking fabrics which would be used by the military, in aviation and by Arctic explorers, particularly revered for their waterproof yet comfortable qualities.

The short was written by Academy Award-nominated Matt Charman and directed by Academy Award-winning Asif Kapadia. Watch the video for yourself below:

– @katiemallion

Sailor performs death-defying stunt on kiteboard – in a Hugo Boss suit

Posted on March 15th, 2016 in Fashion PR,Stunt Of The Day.

Hugo Boss presents the third instalment of their extreme sailing stunts.

Solo-round-the-world sailor Alex Thomson is once again proving his passion for the extraordinary. After the #KeelWalk in 2012 and the #MastWalk in 2014, he is now combining his two favourite sports, sailing and kiting.

This latest stunt involves Thomson, on a kiteboard, chasing his yacht upwind and attaching himself via a rope to the top of the boat’s mast.

In case you missed it….here’s the keel walk

and the mast walk…

Emergency Garment Rescue Service

Posted on February 18th, 2016 in Car PR,Experiential Marketing,Fashion PR,stuff we liked,Stunt Of The Day.

LG and have teamed up for London Fashion Week starting tomorrow (Friday) to rescue consumers from pesky wardrobe malfunctions.


For the accident prone liable to spill their morning latte over their £1000 + dress or splattering the contents of their morning bagel over their designer shoes the LG Style Saving Service is patrolling the W1 area of London poised to save the day.

Consumers will be able to Tweet @LGUK and hashtag #SaveOurStyle to request an emergency pick up of stained garment, ripped dresses or overly creased shirts via the branded black van. Partners will then provide equally fashionable replacement attire for the suffering consumer to wear.

Don’t worry- they won’t proceed to charity shop your slightly crinkled or imperfect items. LG then whisk your apparel off to be laundered by their brand’s home appliance technology. How generous!

The Fashion Week stunt came after LG conducted a survey into the effects of unwanted stains. A whopping third of the people they polled admitted to calling off a first date or job interview because of a troublesome stain.

Speaking to Event Magazine Dawn Stockell of LG Electronics, said: “We know from the research that people are increasingly frustrated (23%) and annoyed (31%) when clothes are damaged by stains, even resorting to extreme measures when these types of incidents happen”.

“However, there are simple solutions to help keep clothes in tip-top condition ensuring many more wears, and LG’s Style Saving Service brings the washing expertise and service of LG’s backstage LFW Steam Team to the general public for the first time”.